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  • rebel8

    Personally I see this issue differently than others.

    CTR could have been a Mason.....not a big surprise, since many people were back then. There could be connections between the wts and other cults, maybe not. I see no harm in believing there was, or was not...what to believe is really a personal choice since there is no way to prove it.

    It can be helpful to learn about other cults' techniques; comparing and contrasting helps you put your own experience into perspective.

    However, IMO, it does not matter if the wts has connections to other cults. Our bad experiences in the wts and long healing process after getting out are valid considering what we endured. We went through terrible things; our feelings are valid in themselves, without regard to whether or not the borg in crooklyn allied themselves with other destructive groups.

    Also, we can prove to a certainty that the wts is not god's organization as they claim--without determining if they were involved with other groups. Their own literature proves they are not what they claim; it gives us overwhelming evidence, enough for us to all feel confident we made the right decision when we left. (Examples from their own literature: )

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    Lady Lee

    cute avengers. Real cute. I love the date

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    avengers --

    You forgot this one: alt

  • greendawn

    It's hard to doubt that there is some sort of close connection between the WTS, freemasonry and the Jews (zionism) at least in the earlier history of the org and almost certainly Russell was a free mason. The zionists and the free masons definitely helped out the dubs or Bible Students as they were then known, to take off the ground.

    In a document presented in a Swiss court in the 1920's and accepted as genuine by it, the Jewish American free masons admit that they were morally and financially backing Rutherford and the JWs.

    Have no doubt that the Watchtower is a Judeo-masonic creation that to this day serves their interests and don't be surprised if in the future we hear that most if not all of the profits of this huge multibillion multinational corporation goes to them. That Russell, Knorr and Franz were in fact Jews in disguise that cleverly got millions of victims to slave away for the Judeo-masons.

    That would also explain its strongly judaic flavour, the marginalisation of Christ, the over emphasis of Old Testament, the fiercely legalistic approach. Go and ask any JW to say "Jesus is Lord over all" just as the apostles did and he will act as if hit by a ton of bricks, he can never come round to saying it, to him it is a totally alien idea. Very strange for people who profess to be Christians but that's where one can clearly see the Judaic finger at work.

    Time will bring everything to light. You are being very convincingly lied to and getting ripped off by a crooked company that doesn't give a rat's dropping about your future and your spiritual well being.

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    Kaput, I noticed the purple triangle is one of the symbols you posted, interesting!


  • Jah333

    ...And the highest degree of illumination is the 33rd degree.

    A Three-Mason or Free mason or illuminated one...

    Too be particularly illuminated or gifted in a unique field...

    33 a unique number... and coincidences here?

    Jesus age at death.

    King Davids Rein

    1 Atmosphere below water 33 feet

    It goes on... not least that we are the 3rd rock from the sun, at 330,000,000 miles from our Solar source...

  • juni

    I have a question that maybe has been covered already.

    Is there the Free Mason insignia of the compass and straight edge (I believe) on Russell's head stone??

    Juni Thanks for your help.

  • Kaput

    It goes on... not least that we are the 3rd rock from the sun, at 330,000,000 miles from our Solar source...


  • Jah333


    330,000,000 miles from our Solar source...?????


    ...or sun.

    some more 33's

    33 RPM records.

    Moons Gravity 3.3 Grams PSI.

    Jehovah written 133 times in the New Testament.

    Revelation 3:3 " a thief in the night".

    Deuteronomy 5:1-33 (10 Commandments and Moses)

    Daniel 12:12 "1335" days...

    The greek Word for 'Covenant', written 33 times in the New Testament.

    George Washington Free-(3)-Mason Memorial 333 feet tall.

    All things measured... Perfectly...

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