Say You're a Bethelite & Monitoring JWD - How Would You Feel About THESE??

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    You want to know if the Bethelites read them??? Well after I had been out MANY YEARs & went on the "Sally Jessie Rapheal show," & "Roughcuts Show." & the "Shirley Show" Two brothers? came to see if I would like to be reinstated.... I am SURE they read this site!!!! & just wanted to shut Mouthy up .......Even if they had to teke tha" baggage"back in to shut her mouth... Now you say you dont want to preacH. WELL I DO

    would leave but have no idea where to go < you said The Bible says to go to CHRIST HE is the WAY! TRUTH LIFE!!! NO ORGANIZATION!!!! GET OUT FROM AMONG THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!They are False prophets.....

  • zarco


    I encourage young ones to get a marketable skill. Those with excellent academic skills I encourage torward University, those with more practical skills in other directions such as the trades or health care. But without a marketable skills one can not plan to serve Jah for a lifetime as they will move from one struggle to another through out life robbing them of time for more important pursuits.


  • LongHairGal


    I commend you on your honesty in admitting that JWs need an education so they can have a marketable skill. This has been one of my pet peeves with them. I could never stand their lack of reality when dealing with the necessity for an education. I got into many arguments with stupid, self-righteous people over the years about this topic.

    In my opinion, any elder who preached against education or secular work is responsible for the poverty of any who listened to him. He deserves to have them turn up on his doorstep years later crying for a handout and complaining how he helped to ruin their lives.


  • AlanF

    Again, Zarco, I understand your motivations in wanting to help others. I know one elder who has been doing this for some 35 years. Of course, despite even his friendship with various WTS officials, nothing has changed.

    I have not seen a clear answer from you on this: In view of Luke 21:8 (avoid those who say 'the time is at hand') how do you justify in your own mind disobeying Jesus' words? This other elder I mentioned gets around it by admitting that he doesn't believe 80% of what JWs teach. Same with a good deal of supposed Bible teachings. How do you do it?


  • love2Bworldly

    Welcome all you new posters! I am a little shocked by the sheer number of new ones responding to this topic and all the elders. Wow, maybe there is hope for those brainwashed JWs yet.

  • TD

    After reading this thread, my observation (For whatever it's worth) is that my hat is off to Zarco and you others who can walk the tightrope and not fall off.

    Whether one should take decisive action or "Wait on Jehovah" is probably debatable from Biblical standpoint, but one thing is not.

    No one in the Bible was ever rewarded or otherwise counted as faithful for knowingly going along with wrongdoing.

    For a JW elder, I would imagine this would entail "Biting your tongue" a great deal of the time because the JW parent organization is not the least bit shy about distorting the early history of the religious movement, (e.g. Claiming the Bible Students believed certain things decades before they actually did.) misrepresenting the medical aspects of the "Blood issue" (e.g. Reducing the issue to only the administration of red cells in scheduled surgery and ignoring all other reasons why blood products might be indicated.) accepting the conclusions of various secular and religious authorities while at the same time rejecting the data and methods upon which those conclusions were based, (e.g. The 539 date for the fall of Babylon.) and various other forms of dishonesty, ad nauseum.

  • under_believer

    AuldSoul said: "But Jehovah always worked with individuals, as far as I can tell."

    I'm just playing the devil's advocate here (you know where I stand on the organization issue) but this statement isn't strictly true. Someone can always point to the Levitical priesthood as being an organization that Jehovah worked with.

  • AuldSoul
    No one in the Bible was ever rewarded or otherwise counted as faithful for knowingly going along with wrongdoing.

    Achan's family is an example.

    On the other hand, Phinehas did not wait on Jehovah. Neither did Elihu. Neither did Mordecai, or Ebed-Melech, or many, many other examples of those who took it upon themselves to come up with ways to right what they perceived to be wrongs, even if it meant defying the powers that be.

  • AuldSoul


    Unless I am mistaken, I think you will find that he only dealt with the High Priest, in the Holy of Holies, where the ark of the covenant was. Except, when the ark wasn't there he didn't even deal with the High Priest. If that is wrong, I would appreciate the Scriptural reference.


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