Say You're a Bethelite & Monitoring JWD - How Would You Feel About THESE??

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  • truthseeker

    Doubting Bro

    Welcome to the board!

    I hope that you can find healing and comfort here. We have all been throught a lot and many of us still have a toe in the truth to keep our wives and children.

    Everyone is at different stages of recovery.

  • becca1

    Dear Doubting Bro.

    We are in the same boat as we are disillusioned by many of the same things but have so many years and so many loved ones in the org. Please keep us informed of your progress. I hope you can "get out" with minimal damage.

    It strikes me that yet another mark of JWs not being the truth is how we have to go "underground" to disagree. How in order to leave we have to have a carefully orchestrated strategy. Where is this free will we so often hear about? It's like the mafia, once your in "la famiglia" you are there for life or else.

  • Quandary

    Welcome Doubting Bro!

    Your story sounds a lot like mine. I too am still in, (elder, BS overseer) going through the motions strictly for family reasons. I would have left 5 years ago when with the help of Freeminds and this board I started doing real research for the very first time in my life. However, my love for my die hard JW family (regular pioneer mom, po dad, foreign branch bethelites aunt and uncle) and host of life long friends currently is making my outing myself a little difficult. That is not to say that I will be able to take much more of the insanity of this religion, this upcoming KN #37 campaign "takes the cake" when it comes to the insane things this religion continues to do. I do hope within the next two years to make my exit.


  • Quandary

    becca 1

    I couldn't agree more!!


  • becca1

    Dear Q

    I am shocked by all the elders in here!!! It's actually kind of exciting. It tells me I'm not crazy or making up the things that bother me about the org.

    I really feel for ya'll though. Having to fulfill your duties feeling the way you do must me a heavy burden indeed.

    When it's all said and done we will all need a lot of Prozac!!!

  • becca1

    To everyone

    I apologize for the "pity story" I posted last night. I felt I had to get it off my chest, but in reading over it now, it seems silly. I hope I can more encouraging from now on.

  • jayhawk1


    You have nothing to apologize for. Speak what is on your mind. Apologizing for what is on you mind is yet another form of mind control. My advise for you is to express yourself freely.

  • Doubting Bro
    Doubting Bro

    Truthseeker, becca & quandry - thanks so much for you responses. It is nice to hear that I'm not alone. That really helps.

    Becca, I haven't read your other thread yet, but I agree with Jayhawk. Don't apologize for venting. We all need to "get things off our chest" from time to time. That's a big reason why this board is here!!

    Quandry, 5 years huh? I guess it's been about 2 years for me, but in reality, I've always had doubts. I just pushed them aside. I don't know about you but the going thru the motions (especially when you do it as publicly as we have to being elders) is the most stressful thing I've done. I tried to tell myself for a long time that I could do more good in than out. But, I just can't see it that way anymore. You're right about the KN #37 distribution. I did some research and its the same KN that was distributed in 73/74. Just updated slightly. Just another ploy to keep the publishers busy and get those numbers up. I've arranged to be absent during most of the distribution period. I make get "sick" a few weekends as well!!

  • Seeker4

    Wow, this thread really took off after I went to bed last night! Welcome to all the new ones here, and thanks for posting.

    A few years ago, I think it was on the old H2O board, I posted a long piece about
    a conversation I had with one of my former Circuit Overseers who had lots of doubts and problems with the WTS, but who was remaining an elder in a congregation in order to help the friends as much as he could. It was a pretty interesting discussion.

    I don't really know how to get that thread, but if someone wanted to pull it onto this board, that would be fine with me. It usually got pulled ahead a few times each year anyway.

    I'll try to respond a little more here when I'm not quite so busy.


  • candidlynuts

    so many active elders posting now!

    i'm glad to see you here. i hope more come because you add a lot of insight to the way the machine works that we mere women and rank and file never had access too although we were the most affected!

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