Say You're a Bethelite & Monitoring JWD - How Would You Feel About THESE??

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  • Seeker4

    I'm talking about the new posters, like Kitten Whiskers, who started posting today (hope this works: And it seems like we're getting a few like this nearly every day. People who were raised JWs, really worry that they are doing the right thing in leaving, yet who have been made to feel not good enough by the WTS, who felt they never measured up, who struggled with it, but came to realize that what they'd been brought up to believe was just NOT the TRUTH.

    The same stories are told over and over again, and they come from sincere, good people - not whiny, fault-finding apostates like the rest of us riffraff around here! This website shows that the WTS is losing folks like this in droves - 'cause we all know that probably not one in 50 who leaves ever comes here and posts. Or one in 100. But when they do, variations of the same story repeats itself.

    I was thinking that, if I was still an active elder, or at Bethel, and was reading this, it would really get to me. I'd be thinking about how I could get this information to the GB, or somehow try to make a difference, and I would know it wouldn't be possible.

    I think that's what made me leave a decade ago. Knowing those problems, because we sure had them back then as well, but knowing I would never really be able to make much of a difference for the better.


  • stillajwexelder

    If tehy truly cared about people and LOVE covered everything, tehy would care and worry - but they do not care - they are cold and heartless

  • zarco


    Almost all data about what is really happening is filtered through the Circuit Overseers. They are biased to make their reports seem positive or at least that their influence has solved problems. So if a "good person" leaves the organization they would be described as something far different than what they really are so that the CO/BOE can take credit for solving a problem. As an elder I would love to have data about the people who choose to leave. It would help to know where they went, why the left, when did they start to fade, if they are educated beyond high school and similar data. I doubt thay we will ever get such data as it would make us question our core principles. As an example it would interesting to track the lack of secular education with decreasing donations. The correlations are far too many to list here. Thanks for you thought proking post.


  • freedomloverr

    Zarco -

    your sentiments are just like my dad right now. He is an elder also and is mentally out of the org. though still going through the motions. He feels like he wants to be able to help from within - or at least help some out before he leaves.

    as far as bethelites monitoring this site - they most likely assign the biggest dweebs around to monitor this site, (if they even do that.) maybe a few *monitors* will get out, but not likely IMO.

    Welcome to the board Zarco!

    nice to have another elder around here for your perspective.


  • Seeker4


    Wow, thanks for making this your first post. And that fact is what I'm getting at. These were the kind of posts that made me realize, when I was an elder, that we were hurting some really good people because of WTS policy.

    I know things go through the COs/DOs - but there are some good guys there also.


    PS - I think I've been seeing your face on every magazine cover I look at lately. Something about Grey's Anatomy??

  • parlay

    If I was a Bethelite monitoring this site I would take my findings to the GB and tell them why

    many sincere individuals, many after years of faithful service are leaving because of the un-christlike

    attitudes of those in positions of authority, they being the foremost. No doubt, I would then be promptly

    called a faithless apostate, disfellowshipped and given 15 minutes to pack my bags and get the hell out

    of dodge.

  • zarco

    I hope you dad stays in for a while. Recently a Sister spent much time describing why she wanted to go to college so that she would be able to support her young children. I fully supported her decision and career path, she is pursuing a RN Degree. She calls me the liberal elder. Maybe your dad can help others as well. If one can push the limits somewhat the "truth" can be rewarding experience. I would leave but have no idea where to go and I worry about those left behind. Give your dad a hug if you see him and tell him to keep up the fine work.

  • zarco

    S4 -

    There are lots of great folks who either literally or mentally check out of the org because of policy. The only way that I am able to wrap my mind around the issue is to remember that Isreal had its share of coruption and leadership issues for many years and that in his time Jah corrected matters. Obviously a significant correction is due. It wil be interesting to see.

    Regarding Dr. McDreamy - my wife thinks he is the best..... and after all I can't really post my own photo

  • zarco

    S4 -

    By the way I read your JW life story a few months ago, I am really sorry for the "witch hunt". It would have been better for the Org and for you to just leave things alone. The judicial action can be very demeaning and it seems you have risen above it.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    zarco, you remind me of my wife (and I mean that in the best way possible!).

    She stayed for 13 years after I left, giving every reason possible. I think she stayed because she wanted it to be the Truth so badly. In the end, she left because finally the dysfunction of the organization touched her.

    I'm coming around to thinking that we don't leave this organization until one of two things happen: (1) we find a reason that means something to us personally; or (2) the organization harms us personally in some way.

    I wish you well.


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