Me and my brother and our guitars (pic)

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  • greendawn

    Great atmospheric photos, the 1960's were a time when wonderful music was produced.

  • earthtone

    Gary, you look good on the bike!

  • garybuss

    Me on the stilts and my brother Roger, in about 1958. He is about 22 months younger than me.

    This was taken at my mother's dad's place in Pipestone, Minnesota. My grandpa made the stilts. Ya had to pull up on the stick to take a step.

  • garybuss

    This is my dad and his mother in about 1958. I took this picture in a park over a noon break on a day my aunt brought my grandmother to Sioux Falls from their home in Arco, Minnesota. They came to Sioux Falls for doctor appointments and to shop. They'd make a day out of it. They would bring a picnic lunch and meet my dad in a public park over his lunch break near the mill he worked in.

    This is the grandmother who infected our family with the Witness virus although I've never known who became the Witness first, her or her husband. I talked to his relatives in Nebraska and they said after he became a Witness, he never had anything more to do with the rest of the family.

  • garybuss

    This 1949 Ford was my second car. I bought it maybe a month after my first. This was taken on a farm North of Watertown, South Dakota in August 1960.

    Below is a 1953 Ford and was my third car. I bought this in 1961. I kept this one about three years. This picture was taken about 1961.

  • jaguarbass

    You have some cool pictures, Gary.

  • BizzyBee

    Hey, your wife was a cutie, but you know that. Sorry that so many bad experiences are mixed in with the good, but that seems to be the Jehovah way.

  • under_believer

    Something about this thread makes me want to ask...
    Gary, is everything okay, presently?

  • garybuss

    You wrote: Something about this thread makes me want to ask... Gary, is everything okay, presently?Yup! Everything's fine. I'm scanning in more of my old pictures. I resized our house picture and scanned in our kitchen picture today.

    This is the way we lived so my dad could be a prolific Witness. He followed the Society's directions to aspire to poverty and that was a goal that a lot of people could reach. We would all pile in the car to go door to door and tell people with nice yards about the paradise earth, and the weeds in our front yard were a foot high and there was deferred maintenance and ignored grounds care everywhere.

    We had the worst looking place in the neighborhood. I felt guilty for noticing.

  • juni

    Hi Gary!

    What kind of animal is that in front of your home? Sheep?

    About the stilts picture - isn't it amazing what kids played with then and what all they have today??

    Your kitchen - Did your mom have any more counter space? Or did she use the kitchen table? Those sideboards are worth mega $ today.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Juni --------About that well pump. My grandma had that. The water was always SO cold. It was great cooling off in the Iowa summer heat!

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