Me and my brother and our guitars (pic)

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  • uninformed


    I enjoyed this thread and the pictures very much.

    I was born in 46 and drove a lot of the same cars.

    Dolores was a beautiful girl. You were pretty handsome yourself. You look great on your Harley.

    It is a pleasure to be able to associate with you and draw on your intelligence and experience.

    Thank you for the pictures. Sorry for all the hell we went through with this oppressive regime. It has cut all of us to the core, sadly, some (you) more than others.

    You pretty well summed up the "pioneer spirit" as far as I can see.

    We lived in (pioneering) in a little 8 X 25 trailer with a dog, a new baby, and right in the parking lot of a Kingdom Hall. That new baby grew up, spent four years at Bethel, and actually led the way out of the organization for us in the past two to three years.

    Like you, glad as hell to be gone.

    Come see me.


  • LittleToe


    Great thread ands great pics.

    I thought he was a walkaway of the same questioning type as me. I was wrong, he was a believing inactive Witness. They look the same from the outside.

    Unfortunately this is commonplace. I often wonder how many get shopped through making this mistake!

  • juni

    This has been such a heart warming thread. It really draws me closer to different ones on the board. We all have our stories to tell.

    OldFlame - Your pic of you and Gumguitarplayer showed up as a red x. I remember seeing it on another thread, but I can't remember where otherwise I'd post it here.

    Where is Gumby anyhow? Hope everything is alright.


  • garybuss

    Thanks for the comments.

    Sspo, The last time I saw or talked to my brother was when I rode my Goldwing out to West Virginia in June of 1992 to see him.

    I might be wrong about him turning me in. The shunning started after 18 years away from the group and it started not long after I talked honestly to him about the Witness group. My talk wasn't received well. He told me to basically shut up and he hated me. He might have talked to his wife who might have talked to my mother who might have talked to her Witness gossip friends who might have talked to an elder.

    It might have been my son or my wife. Whoever wanted me shunned isn't gonna tell me, and the elders aren't gonna tell me, so I bet I never know for sure and I'm past really caring. Curiosity just visits sometimes . . . like a distant neighbor's cat.

    Hi Lenny, I still have the Jazz and the amp and both still look like new. My favorite club now is a Fender acoustic I've had for about 20 years.

    I've had the real pleasure of seeing two of my sons play. One played in a pretty successful band called Trend 86.

    Brant, You wrote: Come see me.

    I'd like to do that. Let's see if we can make that work. Thanks!

  • GetBusyLiving

    Those pics are awesome Gary.


  • Dogpatch

    Great pics and story Gary!

    Make sure and visit Gary's place at:

    See my old 59 CADILLAC that auto shop painted orange and green for halloween in 1969 and we had egg and orange wars in Orange, Calif. with our neighborhood games.

    Randy Watters


    Cars and guitars,I love em..Nice Caddy,my dad had one just like it...OUTLAW

  • garybuss

    Hey Randy, Hope the vacation was good. I never saw a pumpkin Cadillac before. Terribly irreverent:-)

  • Dogpatch
  • juni

    At 53 you don't have any gray hair???? Do you have any leaky brain cells?

    Just wondering. Seems common in the 50's.

    Really enjoy your JWD sight Randy. Thank you very much!


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