Muslims demonstrate that they are not violent by firebombing churches

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  • free2beme

    Exactly like I mentioned in my other post. Muslims seem to protest people saying they are violent extremist, by killing people and doing harm to property. It's like they just do not get it, and refuse too.

  • skyking

    Just like the cartoons they got so upset about they are now going to prove their true nature. If you can remember they went on a campaign of killing. I watched a video of the mob seizing a car with a Catholic family in it then set fire too the family. Dragged the body's around the streets while children spit on the burnt body's, kicked the corpses of a family. Think about this, it was a little girl, one little boy, and their mom and dad. What did this family do wrong? They loved the Muslims enough to live amongst them and no doubt died for only being Christian. This is what is gone to happen too a lot more people.

    We can we be different we need to show love towards the Muslins in our country. Treat them with love and love is what GOD requires of you and I.

  • skeptic2

    I can imagine an alternative thread title 'Christians demonstrate they are not violent by starting wars and invading countries'. I'm not saying this is a valid thing to say, but remember propaganda is a very powerful way to manipulate people. I saw on TV the other night, a man went to meet Fundamentalist Christians in the USA. They had weapons ready to shoot any muslims that might try to invade their area, they were scary. Don't you think if there was a muslim superpower invading countries around them, they'd be out firebombing mosques? Of course they would. Only difference is they are so isolated from the world, they have no-one to shoot at. Instead they go to the local McDonalds on a Thursday night and sing hymns. Religious extremism is bad and scary thing, both from muslims, christians and whoever else.

  • skeptic2

    Lol, why do I feel like I've just poked a hornet's nest?

  • Merry Magdalene
    Merry Magdalene

    I agree that these actions are wrong wrong wrong, and far from a brilliant response, but please do not put the actions of a minority of muslims on the shoulders of the majority, nor attribute it to the teachings of the religion itself. Please. Think about it. If we all felt this way and were responding this way the whole world might well be in flames as about 1/5th of humanity is muslim. But we don't and it isn't. Ok?


  • skeptic2

    Politicians in many countries manipulate people by playing on their religion and their fears, that's what's happening here. It's got bugger all to do with the Pope or anyone else, they're just the excuse to get people riled up, in order to make political gains. It's the same process played out in the US, the UK, anywhere. It's stupid.

  • skyking

    Australia has asked all Muslin that believe their faith supercedes the county to leave. This will happen just like the camps that housed the Japanese it is going to hit the christian nations and we are going to have to help these Muslims and hide them and feed them like many had too in Germany. If you don't they will be killed and their blood will haunt you. Mark the day's it is coming to a country near you.

  • skyking

    I forgot to say I will die to protect one Muslin I will put my family lives at stake to protect one Muslin. It is something you had better think about now it is happening because we let our Christian nations policy make us the big bad Evil in their eyes.

  • Panda

    It's religion, of course which foments this violence. Your god is the only one, your prophet the truest, so naturally everyone else is scum. Every religion has bias' towards it's adherents. And BTW the Mohammedans won the Crusades! Sheesh. The royals of Europe lost kingdoms, money, power etc until Isabella and Ferdinand took Iberia back from the Mohammedans. Then they had money to fund people like Columbus; who found new people to subjugate. Always looking for gold ... how patriarchal can you get? And BTW Mohammedans hate being called Mohammedans; this puts them in the same boat as Christians ie., bearing the name of the actual prophet and that is against their religion.

    Oh and the guy with the sports car photo (sorry I didn't catch your name) Have you noticed any American girls getting murdered for dating a boy of another faith, political group etc? No. Take a history class and then come back with some wry yet informed commentary.

  • Stephanus
    Australia has asked all Muslin that believe their faith supercedes the county to leave.


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