Muslims demonstrate that they are not violent by firebombing churches

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  • skyking

    We can make a difference Merry Magdalene you and I. If only everyone would stand up for love and respect for the other persons right to live their life as they want then our planet would be a better place to live. Two thumbs way up Merry Magdalene

  • Panda

    Mohammedanism is yet an extension of earlier patriarchal religions. They like fundy christians hate women and treat women as non-humans, very ignorant. They haven't had their reformation or renaissance. Maybe they will and everything will calm down. But I say that the religious leaders should be held responsible for inciting this jihad in the first place. Afterall, should the Mohammedan population become educated and lose their superstitions those guys would be out of a job! I'll have to say that ignorance leads to all the other roots of evil.

  • Kenneson

    Muslims are making such a commotion over the Pope quoting a medieval king, but did we hear a peep from them when Iranian president Ahmadinejed advocated wiping Israel off the face of the earth?

  • Merry Magdalene
    Merry Magdalene
    They like fundy christians hate women and treat women as non-humans, very ignorant.

    Panda, I do not hate women...and Muhammad (pbuh) said that paradise is at that the feet of mothers and that the best Muslims are those that treat their wives well.

    But I will agree with you that ignorance is a huge problem. Corrupt leaders take advantage of those who have less access to information as well as those who have access but think they know more or better than they actually do. We must all do our best to educate ourselves and inform others, and keep peaceful dialogues open, whatever our religion or belief system.

    I don't know a lot but I'm trying to learn and I support others in doing so as well. Cheers, Skyking


  • czarofmischief
    I know you must think what you say is true, but please reconsider. None of these actions, the actions of some Muslims, should be considered THE Islamic response.

    Sure - if a few did it and the rest condemned it. What we SEE though, is masses of people cheering these actions, and only a few quiet voices that mutter some placating statements - this from a religion that openly advocates lying to non-believers in order to overcome them. No, you are wrong, ma'am. This religion is coming to get you. For real. OF course, it sounds like you will be quite content to accept their rule.


  • skyking

    I think it is coming to all of us. Those in the Muslim country's will hate us and want us dead. Those in our country's will hate them and want them dead. But as for me and my house hold if I can save one innocent life in will gladly lay mine down. My great grandpa Captain Sam helped over 100 black people escape in the underground railroad.

    The History channel has bought the rights too his story the family hopes for it to be on TV soon then you will see I come from a long line of courageous men. Sam killed many Southerners during this time for trying to kill the blacks for only being black. His was given a reward from the President of the United States twenty thousand dollars plus given a ranch to live the remainder of his life with US armed guards protecting him 24 7.

    When he was smuggling blacks in the underground railroad he was breaking the very Laws of the land. He told us in the book he wrote about his life "it was the right thing to do, what else would any human do" You see he said only a human loves other people those that are not human act like animals so they are not human just two legged animals.

    How many two legged animals in the world? Looks like BILLIONS too me.

  • Stephanus
    They haven't had their reformation or renaissance.

    And they're not going to. The Koran doesn't have a New Testament.

  • Simon
    Yup... Actions speak louder than words. I'm now convinced that Islam is NOT a religion that promotes violence and Muslims are NOT violent in nature.

    Well, attacks on Mosques have been going on longer so I guess that proves that Christians are violent and christianity promotes violence.

    If you want to start totting up crimes by religion I think you'll find Christianity has killed many more than anyone else.

    The pope is a complete idiot to come out with the statement that he did at the current time.

  • Gill

    Not ALL muslims are Terrorists, but to date, all Terrorists have been Muslim!

    I'm sure they're very peaceful people, really!

  • Simon
    Not ALL muslims are Terrorists, but to date, all Terrorists have been Muslim!

    It's hard to comprehend the DUMB and IGNORANT crap some people can come out with.

    Disproving your rediculous statement is easy - non muslim terrorists include:

    • Americans, (the CIA is possibly responsible for more acts of terrorism than any other group!)
    • Irish republicans (the UK mainland has been bombed for years, both towns/cities either side of us were bombed)
    • Isrealis (do I need to explain?)
    • Eta

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