Is the Muslim religion actively looking for a war or fight?

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  • TopHat

    Dansk, I must have missed this post....I found it now....I would love to show you around the Big Apple if I lived in Manhattan....I live upstate and rarely travel to the "CITY" we call it. My husband works in the CITY and travels everyday except Fridays and weekends on the train to Grand Central Station. Then walks to work from there. Would you believe I have not once been to the WTC site even when it was standing. I didn't know anyone personally who died on that day 2001 in the WTC.

    It is really easy to find your way around through the subway system in NYC. Same as the London Tube. I took the Tube everywhere when I was in London with the family on vacation 5 years ago..

  • Dansk


    Thank you. It isn't a problem and I appreciate very much your thoughts!


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