Is the Muslim religion actively looking for a war or fight?

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  • free2beme

    Muslims daily, in the Arab world, call for the death to Christians and the Americans. Even looking at some Muslim websites, you will see Jesus shown to be evil and the Christian faith to be a terrible group of people. So with this, why does minor comments on them and cartoons about their founder make them so extreme? Recently we saw that when the cartoons of Mohammed were released, people were in a hurry to kill people over it. Now with comments from the sitting Pope about their faith, it seems to be heading that direction again. The Muslim Arabs have said they do not like the stereo type of showing them as extremist, and to protest things like this, they kill one another and do extreme things that seem out of place in the modern world. With this said, I am prone to wonder, is the Muslim religion seeking to start a religious war or fight? What do you think, does it seem that way to you too?

  • skyking

    watch the trailer for the movie obsessions and see what they saying they are going to do to us. I have never heard anyone in this country say that about them. VERY SCARY

  • jaguarbass

    I would say certain people who are muslim are trying to stir things up.

  • barry

    I had a Muslim friend a nice bloke liked by most people he met. This was before 9/11 he sometimes would go off about fighting for God and slaughtering non night he said Iran and other Muslim countries should get nucular weapons and take on the west. It didnt matter that islamic countries would be bombed only that he would be doing right by fighting for God. I went home that night and couldnt sleep and as I said above this was before 9/11.

  • Gill

    Extremely worrying to see what Islam is doing. Yet it seems, that it's wrong or not politically correct to say anything about it.

    I wonder if apparantly peaceful Muslims, are carrying out their own particular sort of 'Theocratic Warfare' by denying their own interest in the Islamic goal of world domination.

    In the end, it appears that this world wide cult is intending only one thing.....the goals of its much worshipped leader, 'Domination by Decaptitation!'

    The funny thing is, we're allowing thier Mosque building and giving them freedoms they could never have hoped for in their own lands. This freedom is used against the ordinary western person, with no axe to grind.

    Heaven forbid, one day we may have to stand up against a threat more virulent, more repugnant than Nazism in its aims!

    World War Three sadly beckons.

  • catbert

    There was a balance of power between Shiites and Sunni's when Sadam was ruling over Iraq. That balance has been lost. The Sunni's are less radical, more secular.

  • Merry Magdalene
    Merry Magdalene

    Muslim, Christian and Jewish heroes and criminals were all reading the same Torah, Bible and Qur?an, but certainly interpreting it differently. I do not believe that those evil ones among any of our communities represent any religion. Human beings can find in any scripture both the inspiration for greatness or a justification for evil. We all have te capability of producing extremists of the most brutal kind, and Christianity, Judaism, and Islam have all been used as a justification for such brutality.

    As Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has said: ?We condemn the abuse of religion by fanatics whose sole purpose is to rouse hate and beget further violence. Nothing is as antithetical to all religion and especially to Islam, as the wanton violence. ... We cry out against such violence, and seek to console those who have suffered from it. ... We declare that all religions have the same relative value with respect to the high goals we seek to reach as humans, and the same lack of value of when they fail to call forth the unity of God. ... We pray for a future that is replete with peace and love for all of humanity across the world, and for a future that is far, far different from the tumultuous, hateful times that we live in now...?


    Never again should apply to everyone - so that the injustices of the past are not repeated. We need to decide if we will allow the hatemongers to turn Islam into the enemy because some extremists misrepresent it to justify their crimes. We have seen in humanity?s history that choosing the path of villifying one particular racial, ethnic, or religious group can lead us into very dark places. We owe our children a better future than the one that would be created by a clash of civilizations or a clash of religions, and those who want to lead us down this path again must be resisted.



  • greendawn

    The Muslim religion is aggressive regardless of what the Mulas in America may be saying. It actually contains verses that incite violence against non Moslems and it certainly isn't a religion of peace. It is very restless and very domineering towards non Moslems. On the other hand it is mainly fanatical elements within the Moslem world that stir up most of the trouble.

  • ballistic

    I wonder what the current "Witness" thoughts are on the war on terror. Has the King of the North yet changed from communism? Is any of this foretold in the Bible or is Rutherford getting put in prison for three days still more important?

  • Narkissos

    "The Muslim religion" is at least as vast, as diverse, as unorganised, as uncontrollable as "the Christian religion". It has no collective "will" or political agenda of its own. As happens within Christianity, political groups are trying to build up a unified sense of "Muslim identity" and "values" in order to use the tremendous mass potential of Islam and make it serve their agenda.

    Generalisations of "the Muslim religion" in Western media and chatter are helping them a lot.

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