Is the Muslim religion actively looking for a war or fight?

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  • Gill

    Narkissos - As far as I'm aware, America has alway really wanted to revert to it's 'Isolationist' policies of the past. It feels compelled at the moment, for selfish reason to be involved in the Middle East because of the Black Gold is needs to survive. If it could free itself from its addiction to Black Gold I believe 'Isolationism' would again be The USA's Global policy - Get stuffed All of You!

    Islam, I agree is a religious term....however it is also a mind set and 'idea' stamped deep into the psyche of those born into this Ideology. It is not just a religion that the Islamic people attend on sunday morning but their whole life and being. Their Ideology is they are right, only they are right and they will conquer. It is an awe inspiring cult that has kept oppressed by lack of education, the only people who can free their future generations from it's fanatical grip, their women. The' hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world'. Islam has chopped of the hands of its women. There is no hope for their future generations is their women remain down trodden. They cannot escape the fanatical hold of the Mullahs.

  • barry

    What absolute rubbish. Christians, and other religions are just the same as Muslims well it havent anyone been reading the papers lately. And we killed all the Tazmanian blacks. There are more than one opinion on this if you care to read about it Dansk.

  • Gill

    Barry - I totally agree with you. But I'm talking about the 'reason' why 'we' do things. Is it because we're just stealing land for our country, or it it because we have a belief that people who don't believe the exact same as us have lesser rights to live than we do....just as a matter of principles.

    All, religions, countries are guilty. But some are more destructive and hold more threat for the whole world just as Hitler's ideology had to be stopped.

    You would have to look at the world today and say 'No. The suicide bombers are not killing themselves. It is not happening. They are not Muslims. They don't believe in what they're doing.'

    You would have to deny what is happening TODAY.

    In the end, only today matters. We can't let the guilt of our own countrys and religions past stop us seeing what is happening at this particular moment. To do that would be to say, 'We killed the Tazmanian Blacks. We have no right to stop the suicide bombers and the threats against the West.'

    I don't think that would be wise.

  • Beardo
    Of course they should, but just look what happened to those nationals who opposed Stalin or Hitler or Saddam!

    ...and wait until the next wave of Neocon terrorism kicks in - those nice camps they have built will come in real handy.

  • Elsewhere
    The Muslim religion is aggressive regardless of what the Mulas in America may be saying.

    I agree. Actions speak louder than words.

    Muslim say they are a religion of peace, but that is not what I am seeing. If they want me to believe they are a religion of peace, then perform works of peace and actively shun violence.

    Gandhi said that he was a man of peace and I believe his words because his actions supported what he said.

  • trip
    Exactly! It's amazing, isn't it, how we focus on the fanatical zealots of other religions while disregarding those of our own! Have Christians suddenly forgotten the heinous treatment meted out to millions of people worldwide in the name of Christianity over the centuries! Oh, but that was then, we're more civilised now! Absolute tosh!! The Nazis who murdered 6 million Jews were largely made up of Roman Catholics and Protestants. Christians wiped out the aboriginees of Tasmania. Spanish Christians massacred the indigenous peoples of South America. Christians and Muslims kill each other in South East Asia. People are people are people are people and there will always be some imbeciles who want to stir up trouble for their own ends. Is charity Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, etc? No, of course not. It's all charity. So why put a label on people? I can introduce you to wonderful, peaceful, law-abiding Muslims who detest the religious war-mongers of so-called Muslim countries and I can introduce you to Christians whom you'd rather stay away from for the rest of your life! Does that mean all Muslims are good and all Christians are bad? Of course it doesn't!

    Ian, what are you talking about? Perhaps you should read up on your history before you go off on silly rants that make little sense. Hitler was Catholic yes, but he was decidedly anti-Christian. I noticed that you sling moron and imbecile around with a particular vehemence yet you appear to be oblivious to the irony in how those terms apply specifically to you. Your attempt to find some moral equivalence between Christians and radical Islam is perhaps the most demonstrative of this fact. Let me spell it out for you for. The Tasmanian Aborginals were killed in the 1800?s by white European settlers; pretty far back in the past for one, and not the result of a holy war for two. What are you going back to the 15th century for your other example? The point is that Christians and Jews have evolved beyond the current state of the Islamic jihadist (read Islamofascist). Christianity is more civilized now despite your attempts to simply brush that aside with your statements. You can use a historical context to spew up some sort of twisted moral equivalence but then you?d just be a fool with your eyes closed to the problem of today. Also, you may be able to introduce the world to many peace loving Muslims; this I don?t doubt as I know many myself. That doesn?t change the fact that the Muslim community is overwhelmingly and appallingly silent when it comes to denouncing the radicalism that has taken over their religion.

  • barry

    Good point Elswere I dont see them [the islamofacists ] denouncing terrorism either. They Australian government held talkfest with the

    Islamofacisrts and told them all to learn to speak english and to denounce terrorism more vigorisly I think the message is getting through to some degree.

    I really take offence to people who live over the other side of the world saying we killed all the Tazmanian natives. They have never looked at the facts.

  • blondie

    Of course, you realize that Muslims are divided into several different groups: 1) Sunni 2)Shiite 3) Wahhabi 4) secular Muslims. Remember that Iran and Iraq were fighting each other just a few years back, Iran (Shiite controlled) and Iraq (Sunni controlled; although with a Shiite majority). Saudi Arabia and Qatar are Wahhabi controlled Islamic states. What category does Egypt fall into, mostly secular Muslims.'a_Islam

    I don't think that all these groups, all its members are working together to destroy the West any more than I think that people like Rudolph or Timothy McVeigh mean that Christians are working together to destroy US civilization.

    I work with American born Muslims who are afraid that people in the US think they agree and are behind these attacks. That frightened people will look at them and see an enemy.

    I hope that we never are reduced to that.


  • kerj2leev
    Perhaps Marxs was right and religion is, indeed, the opium of the masses.

    I would say probably more like a bad trip on PCP. Religion, like any other addiction, if used long enough it will effect your abilities to think logically. The leaders of extreme reilgions are nothing more than glorified drug dealers!! Who prey on the poor and uneducated to do their dirty work.

    Would you call the political theories underlying the US foreign policy "the ideology of Christianity"?

    No I would call it the understanding that once freedom of choice is established, then you can loosen the grip of extremists. This can be done through econimic and educational changes. Don't think the leaders of extreme groups don't understand this, they have seen what education and prosperity can do to religious power.

  • Dansk


    It's the first time anyone has ever attacked me in their first post - but I've broad shoulders!

    Barry, are you saying this is wrong?:

    Or do you support the theories of the likes of Keith Windschuttle?


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