What's Your Opinion Of Cops Making Roadblocks Just 2 See If Someone's Drunk

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  • restrangled

    After spending 2 years in the personal injury field and getting to look at the gruesome photos of people hurt by drunk drivers, I am all for the road blocks.

    So many people do not understand the variations of their car insurance. You never know who is on the road and what they have been up to.

    So here is the following, in case you don't understand your own policy.

    It is common that those who drive drunk do it repeatedly, (until caught). They usually do not have enough insurance to cover some one they hit. That leaves the injured to fall back on their own car and health insurance. That is why you carry Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage....so that you are covered in case the party at fault does not carry enough insurance. (which is usually 10/20 (thousand) per accident.

    When you "stack" your insurance that means if you hit someone, and hurt them, for every car insured, once one liability limit runs out, it jumps to the next policy.

    Personal injury protection is the most important, take the no deductible and the highest coverage you can get. This is what an emergency room looks for first in car accident victims.

    Some great companies: Geico is the most responsive to their own customers in my experience. Allstate backs their client but are terrible about paying out to the injured. State farm is slow with both their own insured and those hurt. Any other companies can be pistols about any accident and I have fought them all here in Florida. If you have a different experience with your company thats great.

    Actually, I guess this could be another thread...didn't mean to hijack.


  • Kaytam

    I am against it. It is violation of my rights. Why should I have to be stopped and searched if I am innocent? I think too much is being socialized in this country. We should not be stopped and searched without cause and fyi I do not drink and drive and have never received a dui. But I resent having to wait in line and be treated like a suspect without reason!

  • ronin1

    I'm sorry, but there is no justice and being fair when a person drinks (one, two, three) etc and gets behind a wheel.

    The likelihood of an accident increases 100 fold and death or serious injury usually occurs.

    I have a no tolerance rule for drinking and driving. Do not do it. Period.

    If a person decides to drink and drive and in the process kills someone or causes injury, they need to be ready to suffer the consequences.


  • Beep,Beep

    " Freedom should take a backseat when there is a greater cause."

    One should remember that freedom is not without limits. I'm free to get drunk, no one has the right to stop me. If I would get behind the wheel in that condition then I am endangering not only myself but anyone else who's path I might cross. Do I have the freedom to do so? I don't believe I do. I do not have the right to take that risk. It is not a "freedom" issue but a saftey issue.

    Back when child car seats were becoming mandatory the local police department set up a check point to stop and make sure such were being used.Would you consider such a stop to be an infringement of your 'rights'? Sorry but I'm all in favor of effective measures to get drunk drivers off the road, including random sobriety check points.

    You do not have the right to risk others well being just because you feel it's your 'right'.

    Much is made of 'freedom of speech' but just try shouting "FIRE" in a crowded place sometime!

    Freedom is not an absolute.

  • skyking

    I am for it. but still against it because it does take away our freedoms. But it is so wrong for drunk drivers to be on the road so I am on the fence on this subject.

  • freedom96

    Absolutely for it. Drunk driving? Are you kidding me? Why on earth would I not want fellow drivers not to mention friends and family to be safe?

  • Justice-One
    Then you shouldn't get behind the wheel! If you are 'legally' drunk then you ARE drunk.


    The "legal" limit is now HALF of what it was when I was a kid. This is just more "zero tolerance" bullcrap. Pretty soon you won't be able to smell a beer before driving.

  • Justice-One
    I agree it is wrong to punish someone for a crime they have not yet committed. However, if they are behind the wheel and drunk they have ALREADY committed the crime!

    This is of course true. But I have serious problems with the methods that are NOW being used to determine unlawful conduct, and the ones they want to use in the future - because of what they already got away with. - Camels nose under the tent stuff.

  • mkr32208

    Against it. Now I'm all for a very simple little sensor in the car that you have to blow in to start the ignition!

  • mkr32208

    + where does it stop? I've seen LOTS of reports claiming that someone on a cell phone is more likely to cause an accident than someone who is drunk (at the legal limit not falling on the ground drunk) Or what about someone driving and eating? Or putting on makeup or looking at a map or just a really really stupid person!

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