What's Wrong With Some Parents?

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    Some of you people make me laugh. It's all good to generalize about conservatives and Republicans. I'm sure you all have a good laugh. However make a generalization about a Democrat or a liberal and you fold like a house of cards. Thinned skinned and hypocritical. The two best words to describe the histrionics of some of the hypocrites that have responded.

  • bebu

    My bad with the misquote.

    You are right in that she had no excuse for treating you so badly and should have been confronted. Good for you on that.

    Still, I take exception to calling someone who is simply uncivilized and irresponsible as a parent a "poor excuse for a human". It strikes me as a mix of hatred and pride...

    2 cents.


  • lovelylil


    I HATE parents who do not discipline their kids and let them run wild in restaurants or dept. stores! I have always taught my kids to have respect wherever we are. Once in the KH, my daughter ran past a sister and knocked water onto her. I made my daughter apologize immediately. If my kids did that to you I would have made them opologize and paid for your meal.

    I can't stand it when people let their kids pull all the clothing off the racks in stores or run around unsupervised. I was pushed a few times by these brats too and the parents do nothing about it. My kids would never get away with it. Or heres my favorite - I love it when the person in the restaurant booth next to mine lets their kids lean over the booth and my shoulder while I am eating and the kid keep touching my hair (it is long) and talking to me. And the parents ignore it and enjoy THEIR meal.

    Anyway, that manager should have told the lady to take control of her bratty kids or leave immediately. You did nothing wrong in speaking your mind.

    I noticed that many of the kids my kids go to school today do not have basic manners. They do not say please or thank you and rudely push people without saying excuse me. It starts with the parents they need to teach the kids from birth how to behave in social situations. Sorry to hear about your bad day. Lilly

  • jayhawk1
    Being a leftist means never having to be responsible nor apologizing for your mistakes.

    I'm sorry for your spoiled food and for this "poor excuse for a human," but you are wrong for saying that.

  • FreedomFrog

    I just got to ask this question...did you actually call her kid a "brat" when you confronted her?

    She asks why, and I proceed to explain to her what happened, and how I would appreciate it if she mad good on the food that this brat ruined. Not only did she look me dead in the eye and say no, but she didn't even apologize.

    If so...ummm, this may have made her become angry to where she wouldn't have wanted to mend things. It was very rude of her kids doing that, but one thing (being a mom) is that if you "attack" their kids with words (even if it's directed to the parent) the parent will tend to turn into an angry bear. This was no excuse for her or her child to be ill mannered, but it may have made things worse if you did use that "B" word. If you didn't then she will get her "payback" when they are much older.

    Sorry you had to deal with it. Some people don't know how to control their kids...or more accurately, they just don't want to because it takes more time in correcting than it does just to ignore their kids. What a shame for those kids.

  • Sparkplug
    I don't see that the political views of this person are the cause of what happened. I'm sure any political party would be embarassed by this irresponsible behavior. Really, the biggest irony is that this world-wary parent was certainly not taking responsibility for what part of the world she HAD control of.


    I have to say I am with bebu tonight my man.. She is holding the diplomatic seat. Very wize. and you comment, "pot meet kettle..." That is one of my favorite.

    Sorry bout your lunch. But you know what, just smile because you don't have to go home and kiss on such a crappy person. And 12 year olds out of control.....I don't like it, but someone once told me this story.

    A man is on the subway and there are these kids crawling all over. they are off the chain. Finally this older man observing decides to talk to the father who is sitting with his hands on his head and doing nothing about the messy kids. When the father looks up, he says, oh, sorry...I am a bit lost. See their mom just died and I have no way to help them through all this emotion. There. You have a paradigm shift.

    Now can you imagine being mad at those kids? Most people would be a bit understanding and perhaps let the father off the hook for a bit.

    Granted it did not look like that situation today, but somewhere in there might be a reason for her attitude with you. There could be a reason why the kids were out of control and perhaps she was close to just letting loose of all that is on her mind. Maybe she could not do anything for she was in such shock at your reaction, and so embarrassed by her kids actions and maybe she had such a bad day she could not address any of it.

    Not cutting you down, but sometimes if we have had our fill of life, marriage, school, work...sometimes insanity can run rampant around you and there is not an ounce of fight in you to fix the stuff at hand.

    Just a thought.

  • dvw

    xj, if you would have related this story exactly as you did, but this time instead of the woman being a leftist, you portrayed her as a j-dub, all the posters who were incensed by your generalizations would now be patting you on the back.

    its ok to insult people.............it just has to be the right people.

    good post.

  • FlyingHighNow
    I just shook my head and smiled. Isn't that typical. Being a leftist means never having to be responsible nor apologizing for your mistakes.

    This statement is so ridiculous it doesn't deserve a reply.

    1) Rude kids and parents who are rude are frustrating. 2) Your rude example didn't teach the children to handle life graciously and with dignity either. It's like a parent screaming at their children to be quiet. Or beating a kid for being a bully at school. Like behavior doesn't change like behavior.

    If you were even a tenth of the seether you are in your post, maybe the mother was taken aback and decided to ignore you rather than give into your rude demands. If you had handled this in a more respectful and mannerly way, she might have responded differently. I worked in sales for a few years. In training we were taught that it takes saying three to four calm things to diffuse a heated situation. I used this advice and it almost never failed.

  • vomit

    Your political compass Economic Left/Right: -7.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -2.05 I am gandhi.

  • SusanHere

    xj, if you would have related this story exactly as you did, but this time instead of the woman being a leftist, you portrayed her as a j-dub, all the posters who were incensed by your generalizations would now be patting you on the back. its ok to insult people.............it just has to be the right people.
    This observation seems to be accurate regarding this board.

    Meanwhile, I'm sorry for what you encountered at the restaurant, but am grateful to you for having the courage to stand up for yourself and for giving the mother the opportunity to make things right with you and with her children. Obviously, she is lacking in vital skills of social interaction.

    People respecting the simple rules of polite behavior make life better for all of us. That's what manners are for. Sadly, there are far too many today who believe they are entitled to act however they choose, without regard for the rights or feelings of others. Most of them are encountered only in frustrating or annoying situations such as you described regarding the restaurant, but by the time those out of control children are grown, they might well have advanced to less benign offences.
    Good for you for speaking up. If more people did, maybe at least some parents would be shamed into taking control while there's still time to help their children learn basic decency.


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