I am in agony...................

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  • jaguarbass

    The lump is as big as a orange with red wheels going up and down my arm

    I think if you have a lump as big as an orange your having an alergic reaction and need medical attention.

    when ever I have gotten bit by a wasp there was nothing more than itching

  • BrendaCloutier

    ((((( Vitty )))))) I'm glad you're ok.! *muah!*

  • twinflame

    Wow (((vitty))) glad you're okay. If this is the reaction to your first sting, it could be life threatening the next time. Many times people that are allergic get a heads-up the first time and the next time is much more critical.

  • Sunspot

    Oh VITTY!!! I am so glad you're okay! This was nothing to mess with as you have seen!

    I remember the first time that I got stung by a wasp/hornet (IS there a difference?) when I was carrying a full basket of wet sheets out to the line to hang them up and one of these nasty critters few in between my sunglasses and my eyelid and stung me. I felt it land on me but I couldn't put the clothesbasket down AND pull my glasses off AND swat the thing off me quick enough!

    My older neighbor-lady came rushing out (I screamed in panic) and went and made a paste of water and dirt and applied it to my eyelid. I thought it sounded stupid, but I realized later that it does take the stinger out (or stops the swelling) so it helped anyway!

    Another neighbor had a list of really oddball cures that also sounded really out there----but were actually things that have worked for years and years. I began to see that a lot of the "old" remedies had a lot of good things we can still use!

  • lonelysheep

    I'm so glad you're ok, Vitty!!

    I once was stung by a wasp while alone at home. The reaction was so scary, I couldn't do anything but sit down and hope I didn't die.

  • bebu

    Whew, I'm thankful that you went in!! I scrolled down thru everything to find out how you are. Hope you are feeling lots better after your nap, and I really hope that pain dies down!!

    Well, I've certainly just learned a bit about wasp stings and what to do if there's a reaction!

    Take care,


  • jgnat

    *phew* that was painful to watch. One of the detriments of board life. Sometimes it doesn't respond FAST enough. I'm thinking you better get an epi-pen just to be on the safe side, vitty. The next bite might be much, much worse.

    About getting rid of wasp's nests. Don't fool around, do it right the first time. Otherwise....


  • Beachbender

    whew-wee! geez louise! glad you took the advice and went to the doctor, always be careful with insect bites you just never know. I bet you needed a nap after all that excitement!!!

  • kls

    Next time you are stung, try to get the stinger out with a credit card. Swipe the area to remove the stinger.

    Second , take a Allergy pill and that will lower the reaction to the sting.

    Third , cold compresses for the pain and swelling

    If ever you feel faint, passout , tongue or throat swells, or have a rash, Call 911 with out waiting.This is a life or death situation.

    Hope you are better soon Vitty.

    KLS/ FirstResponder/EMS

  • JH

    Hey kls, I was about to say the same thing as you said....

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