I am in agony...................

by vitty 55 Replies latest jw friends

  • AuntieJane

    Benadryl is handy to have on hand. Works for hives, too. So glad you are OK!

  • Jerohobobonadad

    Perhaps you should pray about it and it will go away. Let me know how you get on.

  • mkr32208

    I stepped on a ground hornets nest when I was a kid and got about 25 stings... WHAT FUN!

    Actually let me tell you about my first day back in NY (the first of this month) I went up to see my bro and his wife I decided to go out on the forth floor deck. It hadn't been opened in some time so I pushed it up with my back and one of those little sob's stung me right on the back of the neck... I went downstairs and put some baking soda paste (like richies idea bee stings are a base so you can neutralize them with acid) then I walked out on the 2nd floor deck instead... one flew up from the yard and stung my hand! I was getting a bit pissed by this time so I went on a spraying rampage through the whole house using a pump sprayer and roach killer (if it will kill a roach it will kill a person! Damn wasp stood NO chance!) I actually found a HUGE yellow jacket nest RIGHT NEXT to where my head was pushing up the trapdoor to the roof deck how i only got ONE sting god only knows!

    Any way after killing several million wasp I'm feeling pretty good about myself I walk out to get in the car and take the kids to the store a wasp flies out of a tiny nest hidden in the HINGE of my brother van door and stings me DEAD IN THE FACE!.... OH I WAS PISSEDDDDD!

    Anyway turns out that when one wasp stings you it releases a pheromone that makes every other f*cking wasp that sees you want to sting you to! So be careful! Once one stings you just stay inside for the rest of the day with a cold beer! Heck it's a good excuse anyway right!

  • kls
    Hey kls, I was about to say the same thing as you said....

    I am sure you were JH.

  • mkr32208

    Interesting things about bees! My grandfather was HUGE into bees back in the 80's and early 90's here in Florida had hundreds of boxes. He actually was on ripley's with a bee beard so if you've seen some dumb a$$ with 50000 bees on his face that MAY have been my grandfather! Anyway he said the whole trick is to NEVER move fast move slowly and deliberately even if you get stung the first reaction is to jump around and try to get away which will only invite more stings move slowly and calmly away from the bees DON'T squash the bee that's stinging you as that DUMPS the 'sting the crap out of this guy' pheromone into the air!

    My g-father Never wore a suit or even gloves and says he was never stung I've seen him pull down yellow jacket nest bigger than basketballs with no protection at all and just slowly walk over to a can of gas poor it on slowly and then light it up! Now for that he did wear gloves but I'm thinking YOUR AN IDIOT! But he never did get stung! (did you know that hornets pop just like popcorn? NEAT!)

    Anyway don't TRY any of this stuff! I've done it and it's very fun and scary at the same time but I ALWAYS get stung at least once or twice so I would advise against it!

    (remind me to tell you guys about him pursuing the wounded gater into the chest deep water WITH A RAKE) the man is insane... I hope that's not hereditary!

  • kls

    This is a good warning to all, This year the bees seem to be packing a punch and many that have never had a reaction to bee stings now are.

    So becareful and dont ever hesitate to call 911

  • JH

    I didnt see any bees here yet, and there is no 911 in Canada.. *hic* Oh we can climb up the post and call 0 but that wont do any good....

  • kls
    I didnt see any bees here yet, and there is no 911 in Canada.. *hic*

    No bees ,no problem . No 911, you are screwed

  • earthtone

    Glad your feeling better Vitty!

  • vitty

    Thanks everyone

    Its still very painful, but no side effects ! I dont know what the doctor gave me but i was out like a light for a couple of hours.

    The pain feels as if Ive been burnt by a cigarette, i dont know how long that will last, but it was in a sensitive area, the inside of my arm.

    Anyway thanks again for all the advice

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