Beard Question For The Girls Out Of JWD (Guys Can Answer Too)

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  • jayhawk1

    I told my wife I wanted to grow out my beard a little longer. She said that was fine with her. Then I mentioned I was thinking of letting it get as long as ZZ Top's beards. She must not have known what I was talking about, because she said yes. The next day I was playing some ZZ Top videos from She walked in, and I told her that is what I had in mind. She told me there is no way I would do it. So I bet her that it would happen. Yes, money is involved in this bet. The only way to cancel this bet is if my boss says I must cut it. The second rule is I will keep my mustache trimmed as always. Would you ever let your man do it?

    I am going to win this bet. I will even post the picture when I do or admit defeat if I cut it off.

  • purplesofa

    I dont like those long beards like that

    looks like something to collect dust and lint and food and yuck!

    but I am sure it will look good on YOU


  • earthtone

    In the words of Whitney Housten- Hell to the No. Not cute! I can just imagine lint balls and food stains.

  • serendipity
    Would you ever let your man do it?

    My man could do what he wants. However, he might not like the consequences.

    Personally, I don't find those beards attractive at all- but love their music.

  • JWdaughter

    Guy in the middle or the ones at the edge? Those long beards look disreputable. Shave, quick, before you hurt something, or a possum gets loose in that mess!

    Oh, original question-whould I LET him grow one like that? I'm not his mommy, so I don't give or withold permission. However, if he knew I thought it was revolting(I do) I would hope that he would not do it. It would make for a major EWWWW factor when performing my wifely duties. . .If it is a huge turnoff to her, you might want to re-think-bet or no bet. All money in a marriage is community property in my state:)

  • damselfly

    Good God NO!
    Well, he could do what he wanted, but I imagine he wouldn't like the consequences. ;P

    It just looks itchy and germ filled. Gross.

  • crazyblondeb

    I say ditto what dams said.

    He can do whatever he wanted (IF I had one) but he'd get better...........ya know, if it were neat and trim! and enjoyable!!!!

  • juni

    Oh my god this is funny!

    The beards resemble a perm gone bad. But if my guy wanted it and work had no problem with it, then go ahead. It's probably soft. Actually I like it shorter more "stubbly".

    Lady Juni

  • jaguarbass

    I like ZZ top a lot. But thats show business. It might not even be real. Many times in their videos their guitars arent real. But if the beards are real then I think Dusty and Billy cant grow any hair on their heads so they are growing it on their face. You never see their head hair. Great little band.

  • tijkmo

    do you know what the surname of the middle guy is...

    o the irony

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