Beard Question For The Girls Out Of JWD (Guys Can Answer Too)

by jayhawk1 87 Replies latest jw friends

  • FlyingHighNow

    Andy doesn't wear facial hair. It was all I could do to get him to grow some sideburns.

    One thing worth mentioning: when men shave off moustaches, the area above their upper lip looks weird. And it's not just the pale skin. The moustache trains their muscles to behave a certain way. They hold their upper lip in a certain way that they wouldn't if they had never had a moustache. You can tell a man has shaved his moustache off, even if you've never seen him before and it's been weeks since he starting shaving above his upper lip. There's just a weird look to the way they hold their mouths and expression. _________I'd imagine that if you only keep the moustache a few weeks, the damage isn't too bad.

    Some men look very handsome and distinguished with a trimmed beard and moustache or goatee. Others don't. My ex kept a big bushy moustache. He looked nice in it, a lot like Tom Selak. But kissing him was like kissing a bowl of shredded wheat.

  • nsrn

    I vote no for that particular unstyled looking beard. How about something with a trimmed, neat, beard? Conditioned, so as not to chafe anyone.

  • jayhawk1

    The middle guy's name is Frank Beard. Yes, ironic indeed. I must get a picture of me now and post it. I've had a beard all my adult life except when I worked as a Sheriff's Officer for 3 years, so off and on for over 7 years I've had a short beard.

  • earthtone


    No beard please! At least not that long

  • jayhawk1

    I am loading a picture now.

  • anewme

    If my husband brought home the figures those guys do he could wear his hair and beard anyway he wants!

    Seriously, I dont care for it much, but he is free to do as he wants. I like a confident secure man.

    (He already has long long hair and a regular beard.)

  • Purza

    My husband started to grow a beard once and I vetoed it. He has a goatee which includes a mustache and (in jest) I told him I would divorce him if he ever shaved that off (I've seen pictures of him without it). I could not handle a long beard like the ZZ Top guys.


  • jayhawk1

    On short notice, I talked my wife into taking this. Not the best picture, but here is where it will begin from.

  • Arthur

    Hey Jayhawk1,

    Nice picture. You sort of look like one of those Chechnyan rebels.

  • earthtone

    Well now that I see what you look like, you might not look so bad with one.

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