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  • zev

    I see lots of names here that i don't know, and with the wt on a campain to keep its followers from looking at "unaproved sites"
    I've got to wonder.....what are the stats?
    How many are leaving ?
    Official or unofficial, whats your take on the grand exodus from the great mother organization?
    Although if someone really knows the official stats, I'd really like to hear and see them.
    Cherchez la femme......dans la nuit.
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  • AuldSoul

    Hiya zev!

    A lot are leaving. The WTS is going to have to take drastic action to salvage its loyalist core before very long. Thing is, it takes a long time to make 1 JW, it takes a few casual conversations with the right person to make 1 ex-JW. They can't possibly sustain the kinds of unbalance that creates for very long.

    For the most part, they have apathetic JWs on their hands. For the most part, they have passionate ex-JWs on their hands. That is a serious problem for them.


  • Dansk

    Hi Zev,

    Great to see you posting again.

    Obviously, no one will have official statistics (can we really believe Watchtower) but by the number of newbies coming here it must be in the droves!


  • Seeker4

    HI, Zev.

    Growth has slowed to about 1% worldwide. Most of this is in 3rd world countries and among immigrant populations in the US and Europe. Growth has essentially stopped or even gone into negative numbers in the US and Canada, all of Europe, Australia, Japan and Korea.

    So, it seems that in countries where there is widespread access to the Internet and open access to information, the JWs are losing members. How fast is hard to say, as we are well aware from the number of still active Witnesses who come to this site and obviously no longer believe, but are just going through the motions in order to not lose their family.

    I think that the WTS hit its peak about a decade ago, and has been slowly bleeding members ever since.


  • minimus

    See, Zev....You couldn't stay away. YAY! I think that the congregations are stagnant. Probably they go to the Hall and secretly peruse this site.

  • sspo

    Seeker4 is right.

    I've been in cong. lately where 70% are very old JW, old ones are not going anywhere, they will die in the religion. Very few of them know what the internet is all about.

    Pioneers all over the US do not have bible studies and if they find someone to study with, I hear after a month or so it fades. The increase seems still among Spanish speaking cong. but just like the increase stopped in Mexico it will also stop in the US among them.

    The only increase I see, is baptizing young ones from 12 to 18 years old but as one bethelite told me 80% of them fall away.

    The waters of Babylon are drying up.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    It's impossible to get completely accurate figures on how many are leaving, and it's not something the org are going to publish, but we can safely say that it's more than enough to worry the wts.

  • Dismembered


    Welcome back you old can of worms you


  • JimWood

    Before leaving our old Hall (18months or so) I had a conversation with the PO and he said that over the past several years all halls have been becoming more polarized. There are those who will die a witness and those who are there for the social connections only – low service hrs was an indication of that. After he made this observation I began to see what I all ready knew – anyone under 45 just don’t care for the BS but continue because their parents are in the other camp. Its sad really, wasting of lives that way. We are trying to pull others free before we get the official axe (sooner the better)

  • Gill

    Staying 'in' are those total idiots who believe the BS, and those who don't want to lose their family and their inheritances!

    Leaving, are the independent types who can't swallow any more BS and those who have been disfellowshiped and can't face the embarrassment of going back to face the above mention self righteous arses!

    Many, many are leaving and in the next twenty years JW KHs in every town will be a distant memory. Gradually the cult will fade away.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

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