Name Things JWs Try To "Demonize"

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  • Morocco

    rofl midwich... people are much easier to hypnotize when they are in a coma... i actually know people who threw out all their "worldly" CDs and got the whole kingdom melodies on CDs...

  • fullofdoubtnow

    Any book written by JRR Tolkein was demonized in some peoples eyes. My bf was telling me that a brother called on him, saw Lord of the Rings on his bookshelf, refused to stay unless Trev was prepared to remove the "offending" item.

    Trev asked him why he felt this way, and he just said it was because the book mentioned wizards.

  • Swamboozled

    Don't forget smurfs!!! They are totally demonized!

  • lovelylil

    My kids were told to stay clear from Harry Potter books, magic shows of any kind, troll dolls, star wars, army toys, smurfs. All of the things they currently play with and have a good time too. Lilly

    P.S. I especially enjoy watching my son run up and down the street with his toy guns playing cops and robbers with the nieghbors kids and then the elder down the street drives by - he always slows down to get a good look. I am sure we are used as examples in his talks "Those bad apostates now let their son play with guns".

    BTW: my three brothers played with toy guns their whole childhood and are all functioning members of society with no criminal records and no demon problems. The WT always finds the negative in gun playing but didn't they ever think many of these kids grow up to become police, state troopers, etc. and other jobs that protect society including the JWs?

  • BluesBrother

    Isnt it amazing how these things travel the world in dubdom. Whether in USA or the UK, these 'grapevine no - no's' spread around .

    I had an argument with a family member's husband when he said the Lord of The Rings was demonized. Many dubs refuse second hand goods, but others are first in line for a bargain. Weird patterns in the wallpaper, wind chimes, I have heard of them all .

    Music was the worst. The basic line waas that whatever you disliked could be called demonized . So some said that about Queen, Michael Jackson and any Heavy Rock - others retaliated by demonizing Wagner or Beethoven. I refused to get rid of any c/d's . I was the only elder who had Guns & Roses to chill out to .

    But yoga was officially ruled out by a WT article, as was chess .

  • lovelylil

    chess? What is wrong with a game of chess? It is a game of strategy isn't it? Lil

  • calico
    Demons on Board'' ?

    I love this one!

    Car boot sales sound like fun--we should do that here!

  • plmkrzy

    One thing that pissed me off was when I was counseled about wearing a mood ring to the KH. It was an original from the 60's and given to me. I gave it away at the time because I was still serious about being a good jw and just didn't want to be offensive. I later found out it was worth big bucks.

  • katiekitten

    Chess is a game of war, which is definately naughty.

    Car boots are great fun, and you never know what demon you are getting with that ornamental horse until you get it home.

  • dido

    I`ve learnt a few things i didn`t know were `demonised` like `chess` , and it just shows how mindcontrolling and negative the org is, they want total control of everything you say and do, and try to install it by fear of demons. What is the reason we were told not to watch soaps? Were they demonised? (not that i watch the crap!)

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