Name Things JWs Try To "Demonize"

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  • katiekitten
    One sister told me the reason that oral sex was so enjoyable is because the demons were participating

    WOW! Thats a real turn on - just imagine having a supernatual being joining in the fun!

    I must take more notice next time....

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Blimey - I bet the cruet-set/teasmade brigade are jealous.

  • katiekitten

    Yea all those demons attached to lemon juicers and old ornaments are just a waste. A demon in your gob is where its at!

  • MidwichCuckoo

    I wonder if I've got time to go out and pick up a Demon before Mr Midwich gets here? Think about all those people having a 'threesome' and not knowing it?

  • shera
    Yeah, theyre down the demon job agency.

    'got any positions mate?'

    'well, weve got this here spatula in a car boot sale next sunday. Or how about a smurf?'

    'come off it guvnor, nobody buys smurfs anymore'

    'OK. well how about a cabbage patch doll? Or a Barney?

    'Barney? BARNEYS not figgin demonised!'

    'no, but he will be if you take the job'


  • Honesty
  • minimus

    "To cause to appear evil to others" is one definition for "demonize". I had this more in mind----not just demonic as in "the deminz" but how the Witnesses can take a normal innocent thing or activity and make it "bad".

  • CordyC

    Maybe a few months ago, my BS conductor was talking about how his daughter refused to read a book for class because there were some themes in there that were "demonic"- the author: WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE!

    Then the rest of the group was all like, I wouldn't let my child read that.

    I had to hold my tongue about liking WS, especially since I went to a great high school where I read, analyzed, and enjoyed the works of Shakespeare.

    I had known the JWs were crazy by that point, but this further cemented my belief.

    I knew a girl whose JW mom said Star Trek was an affront to Jehovah, yet I knew an elder that used to be in my hall that loved it.



  • monkeyshine

    Superman 4 was "The quest for peace" I remember being told not to watch it because only Jah could bring real peace.

    It sucked anyway.

  • minimus

    Imagine being told not to watch a fantasy movie because the movie talks about getting real peace! How crazy! Funny, how most JWs never had an issue with Superman or other action heroes. Maybe Fred Franz liked that type of fantasy so he left it alone?

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