Name Things JWs Try To "Demonize"

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  • minimus

    The Witnesses are always trying to scare the faithful by telling them that IF they don't adhere to the teachings and lifestyle of the brotherhood-----that bad things are going to happen to them. For example, they might tell you of Brother Regret who left the "Truth", had "fun" in the "world" and then got AIDS. Now he's back in the "Truth" but he only has months to live................Can you think of other examples of how the Witnesses try to spook the rank and file?

  • Mysterious

    The evils of the internet *spooky music*. That and the "angry" music of today.

  • Finally-Free


    I bite my fingernails, and elders counselled me because of it. They explained that it is demonic to be enslaved to any habit.

    I wonder if that applies to the Watchtower's habit of telling lies.


  • Dismembered

    Wanking, blood transfusion, alcohol consumption.... you remember the 3 secret sins


  • fullofdoubtnow

    Buying second - hand goods if you didn't know who had previously owned them used to spook quite a few in our hall

  • somebodylovesme

    A JW relative of mine freaked out and tried to leave the room when I mentioned in passing that she had the same astrological sign (Virgo) as me and another relative. (I don't put any stock in astrology/horoscopes; I just thought it was neat that a bunch of us were born around the same time.) Astrology is a way for demons to get you!!

  • minimus

    FF, nailbiting? That's crazy! Dis-- Wanking? That's natural! I knew of an elder that made a committee of elders meet with this engaged couple because they were "French kissing" and that's considered, according to them, to be "loose conduct", a D'fing offense......I tried to tell my mother her astrological sign from the newspaper...She freaked!

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre
    alcohol consumption....

    Really??? seems that a lot of Dubs I know have a problem with this! Damn drunk JW's

  • MidwichCuckoo
    Buying second - hand goods if you didn't know who had previously owned them used to spook quite a few in our hall

    That's bloody ridiculous - is it just a US thing? Does that mean all Dubs have to buy NEW CARS? What about buying a house?

  • rocketman

    I'd be easier to name things that jws don't demonize. The demonization list is long - though the fingernails thing is a new one, I must say.

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