Name Things JWs Try To "Demonize"

by minimus 83 Replies latest jw friends

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Blimey Katie - don't forget your hammer - you'll have to nail the demons to your pasteboard! Hope the pasteboard doesn't levitate. Is it safe driving with all that in your boot? Will you be getting one of those naff stickers, ''Baby Demons on Board'' ?

  • katiekitten

    Yea, the old paste board. Cant do a car boot without it!

  • Morocco

    yeah anything that relaxes your mind, or allows you to wipe clean the chaos in your brain is demonic... the WT wants you to be so high strung youre about to snap... and "new age" music WHILE doing yoga? OMG youd be posessed by SATAN himself!

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Well Kingdom Melodies don't just relax the mind, they could put you into a coma.

  • SirNose586

    Thanks for the explanation, Katie and Cuckoo. I certainly know that I'm not selling anything in my trunk (a subwoofer and some tools).

  • JimWood

    Anything with competition or danger to life. So don’t drive in the passing lane, unless your going home from an ass-embly, and don’t over eat, unless your going to the China-buffet after the Sunday morning snoozefest, then you can pig out with the speaker that gave you a good morning nap.

  • katiekitten

    Yea, who remembers that rousing dirge, 'Lazarus lay sleeping in a cold stone grave'?

    That was one to really rock the house.

  • JimWood

    You stayed awake long enough to hear the title?

  • MadTiger

    "Buying second - hand goods if you didn't know who had previously owned them used to spook quite a few in our hall" I had a cousin who actually had an experience with this one. She is not the type to lie.

  • restrangled

    Wind chimes and nightmares, (my mother was a big one on those 2), violent movies, porno, the internet, to name a few, but lets put it this way:

    ANYTHING NEGATIVE in their lives was due to Satan and his demons. This included any kid's bad behavior, relatives, bosses, shop keepers, bad drivers, etc. etc. etc. etc......anything that tested their individual patience as human beings was considered testing by the demons.

    Needless to say, the kids grew up in great fear of demon possesion, fear of old furniture and antiques, or anything bought at a garage sale.

    My cousin is a pretty famous wood worker. He made a bedroom set for another cousin which started shrinking or expanding here in Florida after being shipped from the north making creaking sounds.....Of course he has been out for many years but the first thing mentioned was the noise the furniture was making was because it was demonized by the artist.

    How sad, he was a gifted pianist who received a full scholarship which was denied him by his parents. He went to Bethel for one year and came out feeling BONKERS. Recovered, went to England and became a wood worker. He has created some of the most beautiful hand made bars for very famous restaurants in a very large city. His work has been written up by the city's own magazine. It is breathtaking.

    Yet he is not taken seriously by most of the extended family.

    His work is beyond belief.


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