Are witnesses Christians?

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  • KW13

    but didn't it say in John that his followers would have the bread and wine when it was passed around?

  • Sunspot

    "He not only taught them with words but also showed them how to act by example. Something that we all need to be aware of constantly."



    Did he teach that repentant ones needed to sit for months and months in the back of the Temple and never have any others speak to him until some MEN decided he was "repentant enough"?

    Did he teach that his followers had to turn in their time slips each month in order for those MEN to be considered as "active" Christians?

    Did he teach to let ALL OTHERS do the work he spoke of, the TRUE Christian charity, to feed the hungry and clothe the needy?

    Did he say that ONLY those studying the Watchtower publications to become JWs, should be worthy of help and those charitable deeds?

    Was Christ's message one of love and and a warm invitation to come to HIM for salvation?

    Or did he tell them that if they didn't go to the WTS that his Father would destroy them, their entire families and their pets?

    Doesn't Phil 2:10 say that " in the name of JESUS every knee should bend and every tongue should acknowledge that Jesus Christ is Lord" what do YOU hear every time you sit in a Kingdom Hall???? Jehovah, Jehovah, Jehovah. They only mention Jesus at the end of a prayer and when instructing JWs to get out in field service!

    The WTS???? Christian????

    Not so's you'd notice.

  • Swamboozled

    wow! wrong topic!!!

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    My view is this Christians are followers of Chirst, seems that a lot of the stuff JW do are not Christ like, more like GB like.

    JW's Christians NO
    JW's Are Governing Bodians

  • shera

    Do JW's really love their enemy? They claim they do because they feel going door to door is loving? How long does this love last,when people keep turning them away? Or once they join,that love has diminished.

    Do jw's love the starving,children dieing from disease,or countries that reject biblical teaching? Just because they don't go and join the forces and defend their county,does not mean they 'love' their enemy.

    I Da'd myself yrs ago,and if I needed help,serious help and had no family because they were all JW's(which isn't my case),who would I be able to turn to? I know I wouldn't be able to walk in any KH and ask for food,money and love.I would be turned away and enored.Wouldn't you consider someone who no longer believes the JW's your enemy?How do you show them love? Trying to bring them back isn't love,thats conditional love,do as the WTS says and I'll love you again.

    I also want to mention,I don't feel all JW's are cold hearted but from what I have learned and the stories I have read,there isn't much unconditional love.

    K,done for now.I could go on and on...


    Hey! Loves Yahs!

  • under_believer

    Matthew 7:
    21 “Not everyone saying to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter into the kingdom of the heavens, but the one doing the will of my Father who is in the heavens will. 22 Many will say to me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and expel demons in your name, and perform many powerful works in your name?’ 23 And yet then I will confess to them: I never knew YOU! Get away from me, YOU workers of lawlessness.
    Not everyone who professes to look to Christ is a Christian.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Perhaps a re-phrase of the question would be "Are there Christian individuals among Jehovah's witnesses as a group.?"

    In that case I would answer yes, citing Jesus point that there would be 'wheat among the weeds'. I think it could be said of many organizations, [if not all], that the religion as a whole would not merit the approval of Christ. But perhaps [and likely] there would be found some within who would upon inspection be seen as trying to live in a way that would please the Master.

    Some organized religions that claim Christianity actually work against the idea of Christianity by doctrine, teaching, morals, etc. Yet could the Master Jesus find among those persons whom he would approve? I dare think He might.

    As a witness, I often rubbed against the grain of the core organizational precepts and ideas internally [and occasionally externally]. I sense though that eventually the Lord called me out of the disasterous religion known as JW's.

    Not a simple black/white call I think. Not much in life is, is it?


  • jaguarbass

    First of all is being a Christian a good or bad thing? I look around and feel it is probably a bad thing. Bad people, hypocrites, war mongers, evil. I think Jehovahs Witnesses think they are Cristian. I think many of the leaders of the Christian denominations think they are not. But some Baptist think Catholics are not Christians. So I guess in America if they think they are Christian they can be Christian. If there is a God or Christ it is obvious he doesnt care whether they are christian or not.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    Only when the letterhead says "The Christian Congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses".

    Did you ever wonder why some letters from the Society had this printed on it while the other letters had WTBTS on it instead?

    Alligator Wisdom (aka Brother NOT Exerting Vigorously)


    They claim to be however many don't follow what Jesus outline in the scriptures for them. To most JWs field service time, going to the meetings, commenting, pioneering, being an elder, MS are more important than showing a humble, loving attitude which is what Jesus stressed more than anything else. In other words JWs seem to be more pharisaical than christian to me.

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