Circuit Overseers

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  • sosad

    My sister and her husband are in the circuit work - it is their career and they treat it as such. i feel for the wives who are there for the support of their husband and have to be so careful not to offend, get to close to anyone, stay aloof or otherwise be a reproach or a cause for stumbling. The pressure is enormous.

    Think about it - for a sincere, believing dub there is no excuse for not being in the full time work in some way. In the case of my sis, they are the new crop that will not have kids been married going on 20 years and know no other way of life. They take a vow of poverty (for tax reasons) and she was obsessed with not having too many expenses for the cong to cover - ie - repairing nylons. Even I told her that was ridiculous.

    They are very protective about their own time and she dresses more in style than most people I know. She is a very "hard" person - ie guarded and i can't imagine warming up to her in a week long cong visit.

  • katiekitten
    William Heath is, I believe, currently assigned to Merseyside Cicuit

    Hes still going? Blimey.

    He needs a night off and a good curry!

  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    Hi KK!!

    Is that a love bite i see??.........americans call them hickies!!

    love jason

  • katiekitten

    Yes it is. Me and Brooke got a room after you left!

  • jonno_oxford

    Hi, i remember Keith Gaydon. He used visit our congregation in Oxford.

    I always thought i picked up a twitch on my gaydar too!!

    Its a small world here on JWD!!!


  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    Really, i dont think keith is gay......i think he is one of the funniest men alive, i spent alot of time with keith and you agree?

  • tijkmo

    i knew keith a lilbit...his son neil was in my cong and i got on really well with him so when keith came to visit the family we would be invited over too...good times

    i knew richard jessop too..but not so well

    maurice reader

    don nevard

    cliff hensman

    bill bull

    john andrews

    jim simpson

    robert strickland

    gordon webb

    john flack..took pioneer school..ace

    dennis dutton

    mike read

    john black

    terry armstrong

    clive upton...not to be confused with clive pitman

    jim fleming

    peter morgan

    ray midgeley...nutter

    brian scott..who i had great chats with but who went way down in my estimation when he sided with the chairman of my jc who refused to reinstate me

    les perkins

    chris thompson

    anton irons..said prayer at my wedding

    bobby bell...loves cricket

    somebody hudson

    david bingham

    ian belled off the district convention

    i got on ok with just about all of them...we would have them to stay or for a meal or an evening or go see them at their accomadation..we treated them the same way as we would treat any other person who was visiting the cong.

  • lesterd

    yah cause thier allways full of [email protected]

  • Pistoff

    Yep: here they are:

    Schuler: old timer, lots of GREAT stories and illustration.
    Vig: jolly, easy going type.
    Brandt: to quote cheney, a major asshole.
    Russ Anderson: great, except he personally guaranteed the end would be before 75. Still, he did apologize for it.
    Sylvan Melan: the greatest; a genuine nice guy.
    Kuss: minty, but overall a good guy. Very young.
    Falkowski: very cool; was a mechanic, loved to rebuild transmissions.
    West: a good guy with an absolute witch for a wife.

    Jack Thomas: the most corrupt CO, maybe the most corrupt elder I have ever known. He tore apart congregations to suit his whims, and install his toadies. Fu** you and the horse you rode in on, Jack.
    PS: the 500 was NOT from the elder you thought it was, stupid!! You greased the skids for the WRONG guy, Mr. I-am-Simony.

    Tomiasu: sounds completely like Sulu on Star Trek. Really.
    Brown: a cipher; very bland.
    Don Friend: a nice guy who I used to give money too; he wanted the elders to promote me! I didn't want the position or qualify; I couldn't figure it out at first, funny. He thought I was greasing!!
    Bennett: Ugh. A real little Napoleon but with a Brit accent. Would reduce students to tears on Saturday assembly school parts.
    Weining; a great speaker.
    Valorz: the best speaker I have ever heard, in or out of the WT.
    Duane Holmen (aka Haircut Holmen): a real putz; in love with himself. Would offer to cut brothers hair before assembly parts if he thought it was too long.

    Can't remember the rest.
    But I know they all love the green handshake.

  • tijkmo

    i was trying to rack my brains cos i forgot the names of 2

    but my joiner is i asked him today

    david craig....david algars protoge

    roddy hollyoake...wife got married in black gown

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