Is this another made up WTBTS experience?

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  • Gill

    So what do you think? Is this one of the WTBTS notorious made up stories?

    It's an article in the October 2006 Awake ' Protect Yourself from Carjacking'.

    It gives the story of Suszan and Anika who were carjacked in South Africa. byt two men. Anika says 'I really felt that they would most probably rape or kill us.' - Anika a young wife. They had been on the 'evangelising work together' according to the mag.

    How did things turn out?

    'Thankfully, the experience of Susan and Anika had a happy ending. As they were being driven away by the carjackers, the two women began to explain the Bible study work they were doing. This seemed to prick the men's conscinences. 'They apologised for what they were doing.' explains Anika,'but said that because of the times we live in, they are forced to steal and carjack to make a living. We explained why God allows poverty and suffering.' The Bible's message touched the hearts of the two carjackers, and they decided to give back the money and wristwatches they had taken, assuring Susan and Anika that they would cause them no harm. 'Then one of them started to give us instructions on how to prevent a future carjacking,' recalls Susan. 'They made us promise,' adds Anika, 'that we would never again stop next to the road to have tea.' Then, just as the carjackers had told them, they stopped the vehicle, got out, gratefully accepted some Bible literature and let Susan and Anika drive away safely.'

    So what do you think?

    Another made up WTBTS 'Good News' story?

    Somehow, that just stretched my credibility a little tooooooo far.

  • avengers

    What a bunch of crock.

    I don't believe a word of it.

  • JWdaughter

    Either it is a big lie, or they had been around JWs enough to want to not have to ever see them again! Just think, would you willingly listen to preaching by a JW?

  • monkeyshine

    All it takes is for one person to tell a story like that and it is accepted as fact. It is too good of a tale to be questioned.

    It is easy to "believe" a story and pass it on if you really like it.

    Again, another case of the end justifies the means. Even if the means is an outright fairy tale. (LIE)

  • crazyblondeb

    I think someone has way too much time on his hands and an overactive imagination. They really need some medication!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    It sounds like bs to me, but the dubs will believe it, which is what matters to the wts.

  • Gill

    What troubles me about this article, apart from the obvious BS, is that JWs are being encouraged to put themselves into dangerous situations by the WTBTS. I can't remember the exact case, but I remember a family in the US who were murdered after the father decided to 'incidental witness' to a group of Goths. They were shot and run over.

    The new publication out this summer, shows JWs offering mags to a heavily tatooed, rough looking biker. The JWs seem to believe that they are divinely protected when doing this 'preaching'. It's the WTBTS that is sending them to their fate in some cases.

  • avengers
    They really need some medication!

    Either that, or they have to get off of it.

    Life is lovely in Lalaland.



  • lisavegas420
  • looking_glass

    Or as a friend of mine pointed out one time .... for those articles or parts at the assembly where someone "witnessed" to a rapist and did not get raped or "witnessed" to a murderer and did not get killed because as the mag or the man giving the talk would say "Jah's holy spirit was with them" ... how about those thousands of JWs who were raped or killed? Does that mean that they did not have Jah's spirit? So to the woman who was raped by a stranger and who has guilt and every thing else associated with the experience, now she has to feel additional guilt by being told in a round about way by her religion "Jah was not with you because this happened to you".

    Anyways as we all know the WTBTS' writing committee takes a lot of liberty w/ these stories. It was probably a much more watered down story and then the writers juiced it up to make it seem exciting.

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