Is this another made up WTBTS experience?

by Gill 57 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • mama1119

    Remember the story of the so called kidnapper who was hiding under the bed of a child, had been waiting there all day, and when it was nght time, the Mother came in and read to the child some dub publication before he went to sleep. Apparently, something she read caught the potential kidnappers attention, and when all were asleep, instead of kidnapping the child, he stole the dub publication and took off. Years later, he walked up to the woman and handed over the stolen book and explained to her that he was no longer a kidnapper, but now a bobifide baptized dub, all thanks to her reading to her child that night. Allways smelled funny to me...........

  • MidwichCuckoo
    Allways smelled funny to me...........

    Lol - really?

    If one of these crappy stories was told to 100 dubs, how many would believe it?.....and then tell the same story to 100 non-dubs?

  • Moomin

    Wow Mama1119 I heard that one recently over here. Except it was a burgler that hid under the child's bed and listened as the mother read. He then stole the Bible instead of her valubles and turned up at the woman's Kingdom Hall a short while later, she let him keep the Bible. lol

  • BizzyBee

    In a land far, far away called Dubland - the meek inherit the earth (only if they go out in service, attend lots of meetings, give talks, and underline answers in the paragraphs and regurgitate them, and smooch elder-ass). Its a land where carjackers are converted to a wacky fundamentalist sect on the spot, kidnappers steal only WTS publications and angels materialize to protect Dublandians from homocidal maniacs. And they all live happily FOREVER after (the carjackers, kidnappers and homocidal maniacs, too).

    That is after Big Daddy Jehoobie slaughters 6 billion people who don't know about Dubland plus the other 12 people who don't want to live in Dubland.

    Sleep tight, little Dubs.

  • Moomin

    lol @ BizzyBee

  • wonderwoman

    I have heard the "sister and two men 'angels'" story and "the kidnapper stealing a bible story book" story, both told with gushiong passion and praise to Jehovah. I always thought they were a bunch of pooey. How did god choose who to save? Maybe he has a max per day. He never saved me from anything.

  • Gill

    I had completely forgotten about the 'burglar under the bed' story! Interesting how these stories have different characters in different areas, at different times!

  • MidwichCuckoo

    God doesn't intervene as he is still in his 'Rest Day' - must be Demons pretending to be Angels Of Light and misleading people.

  • katiekitten
    I have heard the "sister and two men 'angels'" story and "the kidnapper stealing a bible story book" story

    Me too. And whats embarassing is that I totally believed them!

    I also believed all the 'god stops the pain during persection' stories too.

  • MidwichCuckoo
    I also believed all the 'god stops the pain during persection' stories too.

    Oh yes - yet there's an alternative explanation for non-believers who endure pain (endorphins ?)

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