Is this another made up WTBTS experience?

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  • Jim_TX

    Hmmm... well, I'm mentalling this as the fellas hopping into the car and driving away... with the two gals in the back.
    The two gals then start their yaketty yak preaching and bible thumping...
    The two guys are wishing that they'd just shut the f*** up!
    Then one of the gals asks for their address so that they can drop by and start a 'free home bible study' with them...
    The driver hits the brakes, and they both bolt out of the car - leaving the two gals - and the car.

    Jim TX

  • Moomin

    Sometime last year there was a news piece (UK) about a man who had contracted the hiv virus from his partner, a while later during tests they said the virus was not present and he tested hiv negative. They thought at first that maybe the initial testing was incorrect. The man believed he had the virus so he continued to sleep with his parner unprotected so its highly likely that he would have caught it anyway but confusingly enough he is now negative.

    I bought the story up on field service one day saying how great it must be for the man to have such a weight lifted. The response I got was kind of icy and they went quiet. I guessed it was because they thought such blessings shouldn't happen to worldly people.

    Imagine the song and dance they would have made about it if he was a jw.

  • Moomin

    Hi Jim TX - That definately sounds a more likely story lol.

  • Moomin

    Gill - Your right it is really troubling. Thats so awful what happened to the family :(

    I bet that picture you mentioned will get some fantasising about reaching into the heart of the most unsavoury.

  • LongHairGal


    I agree with you that they don't exactly discourage people from putting themselves in dangerous circumstances. They feel you should witness and disregard the danger. There are two schools of thought. Some seem to feel the angels are protecting them. Others feel, if you die so what? There is the resurrection [rolls eyeballs]. They have little regard for the welfare of their adherents.

    What about the JWs who got beheaded overseas (Philippines??) a few years ago? And the ones who disappeared in Mexico some years back? What about the young pregnant JW who got murdered several years back by a neighborhood freak who lured her to her house and shot her and cut the baby from her stomach? In the last instance, I would not be surprised if her witnessing in the neighborhood made her an easy mark. Why didn't the angels protect these people??? Any witnessing they did obviously had no effect. There is a scripture that says ."..not to cast our pearls before swine...."

    I was never big on field service, but I always felt that witnessing to people who were not interested and who were dangerous was casting pearls before swine, in my opinion.


  • Gill

    Moomin - That family slaughter was a shocking story. The WTBTS must bear some responsibility for what happened to them.

    LHG - The WTBTS encourages this foolish behaviour with these pathetic stories. Do you remember the one of the young woman who called at the door of a serial killer. He already had two bodies behind his couch. When he was arrested later, the police asked him why he hadn't attacked this young woman, and he said it was because of the two large men standing next to her. She was actually out in FS on her own! Believe it? Not tooooo sure myself.

  • katiekitten

    That story has got to be complete bull.

    The two gals then start their yaketty yak preaching and bible thumping...

    The two guys are wishing that they'd just shut the f*** up!

    That one is much more plausible! LMAO.

    I dont get the bit where the carjackers explain that they HAVE to car jack because of they are poor???!!! WHaaaa.....My arse.

  • loosie

    It would be a helpful story if they related the instructions they were given on how to prevent car jacking. but of course the story is taliored to fit THEIR needs.

    'Then one of them started to give us instructions on how to prevent a future carjacking

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Unless Mr. Rogers is now Carjacking some bitches, I don't think so, that shit just don't happen

  • Gill

    Hi Loosie - The mag, does give a list on the next page on tips to minimize carjacking. Should have said earlier.

    If you are driving in an area where carjackings have occurred keep your car doors locked and your windows closed.

    When slowing down to stop at an intersection be alert for suspicious looking people loitering on either side of the road.

    Keeping a reasonable distance between you and the car in front of you will allow for easier maneuverability to escape from danger.

    If a car bumps into the rear of your car, be cautious about getting out to inspect the damage. It might be a ruse. If an incident like this happens in a high risk area, it would be safer to drive onto the nearest police station.

    Be alert for stranger loitering near the entrance of your home. If you note such a situation it would be safer to drive on and return home later or you may decide to drive to the nearest police station.

    If you have to wait in a parked car in a high risk area or in an area where there are few people around be alert to what is happening in front of you and behind you. If you suspect danger, start the car and drive around the block.

    Of course this is the Awake advice and not the advice of the two carjackers spoken of earlier!

    On this page is the case of Barry, paraplegic now. He is apparantly the victim of carjackers. There is a phot of him smiling in his wheel chair. Apparantly, Barry remains positive despite being confined to a wheel chair.

    The article says:

    'The worst-affected victim, Barry has been confined to a wheelchair for the past 11 years. Commendably, Barry has remained positive and has not allowed the experience to make him bitter. His faith in Jehovah God's promise of a righteous new world has not wavered. Barry continues to attend Christian meetings regularly and uses every opportunity to share his faith with others. He says: 'Serving Jehovah has always been a joy. Even though I sit in a wheelchair and can do little for myself, I often reflect on what Jehovah has done for me, and it helps to endure. Soon this wicked system will come to its end, and how great will be the day when I can walk again.!'

    Poor Barry. A victim twice over, carjackers and the WTBTS!

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