Weird crop circle sighting...

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  • KW13

    Appparently this has been a poor year for crop circles.

    There are groups, clubs and organizations who do nothing else. People come, take a look, maybe camp nearby or even on site.

    Some believe that the creators are under threat along with the circles this year, due to there not being enough energy, i think some guys creep in a field and do it themselves.

    Farms could leave a box out asking for money, for those creeping on the land but more often than not, they get chewing gum and small change.

  • skeptic2

    I said I was 'puzzled'. I have no explanation or even a guess. But I disagree that it has been demonstrated that people have the ability to copy some of these designs on some huge scale, even when given the advantage of daylight and not being concerned about detection. check these out

    It doesn't need to be demonstrated that people could create these circles, it needs to be demonstrated that they couldn't (extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence). There is no such evidence.

  • skeptic2

    Some good points from a slightly credulous site .

    I find it odd, to say the least, that people refuse to accept that crop circles could be man made because of their complexity but are happy to accept that it could be the work of aliens. supply some useful 'insider' information on their web site including how long it took to make some of their crop circles. One formation made for The Daily Mail was 300 feet across and made in 4.5 hours. Another was 200 feet across and made by three people in 2.5 hours, and yet another was 218 feet across made in just 2 hours by only two people. It is also interesting to note that Circle Makers say that it is easy to see that crop circles are man made because of prominent construction lines that underlie the paths of flattened crop that circlemakers use to lay out the geometry of the design.

    So, to sum up, what do we have?

    1) We know crop circles first appeared in the UK following that silly Australia Saucer Nest story of 1966. 2) We know that crop circles were started in the UK by two pranksters, basing their idea on the Australia Saucer Nest story of 1966. 3) We know crop circle started with simple circles and gradually, with practice, progressed to more complex geometric shapes. 4) We know we have Circle Makers who regularly make crop circles. 5) We know it is a simple matter to make large, very complex circles in a few hours under cover of darkness. 6) We know that man made construction lines can be found under the circles.

  • Gregor

    Skeptic, you are probably right. I don't lay awake over crop circles. But if people are doing it it is a fantastic, clever trick. The board and rope scenario doesn't cut it for me, no pun intended.

  • Simon

    It's quite amazing ... people who think it's far-fetched for a few guys to get into a field and bend some corn over without leaving any obvious traces are at the same time quite willing to believe that extra terrestrials have travelled millions of light-years to do it instead !

    Crop circles have been proven to be the work of hoaxers.

    It doesn't mean they are not clever and amazing. Just not ET.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Oh my goodness , ROFLMAO ! You all are so serious . Let's just hug and agree that I'm right okay

  • purplesofa

    I think they are pretty

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear troubled mind,

    I wonder if a person wore a pair of snow shoes (I know it sounds silly) but they wouldn't leave your typical print. Could that be possible? Then when they stepped on the beans they would be spreading their weight on alot more surface. Sounds silly I know, but wouldn't it work??


    Lady Liberty

  • SixofNine

    I think we ex-JW's should get organized and do a crop circle in the shape of the old "cross and the watchtower" logo. Maybe somewhere in upstate New York?

  • Gregor

    Then when they stepped on the beans they would be spreading their weight on alot more surface. Sounds silly I know, but wouldn't it work??

    LOL When I was growing up "stepping on a bean" was an expression similar to "stepping on a frog." I wonder if they wore a windbreaker.

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