A Bad experience with JW is a permit for SIN?

by El Mariachi 85 Replies latest jw experiences

  • aquagirl

    he's gone,but i think he left some of his crap behind....

  • BrendaCloutier

    Blessings to you, El Mariachi. I hope you find balance and acceptance of all peoples now that you have the opportunity to live your live outside of the myopic, hypocrital WTBTS grasp. You still have much to learn about humanity and spirituality. To each their own journey.

    PS Jalisco is a beautiful state! I've spent a fair amount of time there and in Sinaloa.

  • IP_SEC
    Hang around. Set a spell. Discuss.

    Uhoh Luna youre not trying to use spells on El Mariachi are you?

  • okie46

    Mastodon... you are freaking hilarious... loved the cartoon.

  • atypical

    El Mariachi, if you believe jws are the true religion then you see yourself as a christian, right? Have you ever noticed how many times Jesus got upset about someones sexual habits or use of drugs or alcohol? What seemed to upset him the most? Hypocrisy, self-righteousness, and religious leaders using their power to oppress the common people. Those things also bother many of us here, which is why we left the watchtower corporation.

    Who did Jesus spend his time with? Was it with those in "good standing" with the temple, or with the prostitutes and tax collectors - in other words, those whom the "appointed" religious leaders would have considered "sinners"?

    I also used to look down on people for just a few inconsequential reasons and ignore the important things about them. I think if you ever clear your mind you will understand where most of us are coming from.

  • atypical

    P.S. If you want help in clearing your mind, maybe try some pot.

  • Arthur

    El Mariachi, thirdwitness, and scholar:

  • BlackPearl

    Ummm......why are you here...again? I'd suggest watchtower.org for you.

  • ringo5

    Let's see, I should prepare myself before replying to these satan-loving heathens....First my breastthingy of righteousness,check...
    loins are girdeth with truthTruth, check....magic helmet of salvation, check... and most importantly, my CAPS LOCK OF LOUDNESS, CHECK
    Onward Christian El Mariachi soldiers!

    The angel prince of Persia...umh who can it be???? Michael one of the CHIEF ANGELS came to help Daniel... I know who Michael is...even the Demons know that..MATTHEW 8:28,29.JAMES 2:19 Daniel 10:12: "GOD HAS HEARD YOUR PRAYERS EVER SINCE THE FIRST DAY YOU DECIDED TO HUMBLE YOURSELF IN ORDER TO GAIN UNDERSTANDING" Thats what a LOT OF US NEED HERE. I thought that this site was filled with REAL EX-JW But still Christians... But GOD'S ENEMIES ARE EVERYWHERE ARENT THEY? Good luck in the LAST DAY OF EVERYONES LIFE.... I am sure you will have LEARN BY THEN MANY,MANY CONVINCING ARGUMENTS HERE TO TELL TO JESUS CHRIST IN JUDGMENT'S DAY. For me I'll pass.... I WONT BE EXCUSING MY-SELF BECAUSE THE WATCH TOWER OR THIS ELDER DID THIS TO ME BLA,BLA,BLA. This is my first and LAST DAY here. 1 TIMOTHY 4:1

    NO,NO! I confess! I confess! Not the Caps Lock, PLEASE!


  • Icansaylucky

    El M, when ever there is a large group of people, there are going to be some that you don't agree with. Why do you choose the ones that as you say "fornicate, smoke, smoke pot etc." there are plenty on here that don't. You are the typical JW that judges a whole group of people by what some do. So since that is the way you do things, you must be a pedophile, because the JW organization is full of them so that must mean all JW are child molesters. One of the Elders that disfellowshipped me was later caught molesting young boys in our congregation. What were you disfellowshipped for? Molesting, fornication, wearing sideburns? What was it.

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