A Bad experience with JW is a permit for SIN?

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  • El Mariachi
    El Mariachi


  • Inquisitor
    with the glee of a member of the Inquisition

    Did I inspire you, jeanniebeanz?

    It wasn't that difficult to work out that our new friend was merely pretending to play Devil's advocate at the start.


  • JWdaughter

    If nothing else, this board might show the WTS as such an evil and hateful organization that it drives people to extremes to not be associated with anything to do with it. . .which is not to say that is anyones particular motivation here, but it could be interpreted as such by a person who has been around for awhile as both a JW and an ex-JW associate. And one who has close family dealings with JWs. Or one could go for the "They were NEVER Jehovah's people and the org is well rid of them" theory. Or "The org is bloodguilty for driving people so far from God that they call themselves 'satanus'."

    Or it could be, of course, just that some people like to smoke and fornicate.

  • sspo

    Hey Mariachi

    Don't get all bent out shape on this board about what people do and beleive.

    Use your time and energy to get reinstated, most people can do it in six to eight months, four years is a long time,

    Did you write to your elders about reinstatement and your desire to come back?

    if that's what you want this board is not for you.

  • thecarpenter

    El Mariachi, you need to relax and be a little less judgmental.

    I personally find certain types of behavior wrongs such as what you said "Adultery,Stealing,Murder,Lies,Drunkenes,etc,etc." But people make a choice in their lives and sometimes will have to pay the consequences. A friend of mine sometimes struggles with alcoholism and when he is slipping, I let him know out of concern. Sometimes he has to detox and go into rehab. I still consider him my friend and if I could help him overcome this weakness, I will. But I will not shun him and treat him like dirt. If you have problems with certain types of behavior, you have every right not to have that person over your house or over for a meal but don't hate the person or shun them. That is not the Christian way.

    I don't agree with everyone here but I find their posts interesting and sometimes very enlightening. In fact, it actually helps me to understand the bible and peoples point of view a little better. Latter on I plan to check out some churches locally and plan to keep God in my life. I also feel that creation gives too much testimony to a intelligent creator for things to happen by chance. There are many scientists who likewise feel this way as there are those who don't. State your case and let people decide.

    Take care

  • okie46

    EL Mariachi... no one is making you come here... is someone forcing you to read this board??? For many of us, this is the only contact with others who understand the emotional pain that comes with leaving the WTS and trying to make our own way and make our own decisions for the first time in our lives..if you don't agree or understand then take your leave.

  • Arthur

    Hello El Mariachi,

    You are a newbie on this site, so your naivete is understandable. Let us explain something to you. You will eventually realize that attempting to "broad brush" or categorize the posters on this site is quite foolish. You will also eventually realize that if you attempt to get up on a soap box and talk down to any of us, you will get your head handed to you. Many of us have been preached to for far too long, and have very little tolerance for such sanctimonious finger-wagging.

    Something else that you must understand. Many people post on this site to vent their feelings, and to emotionally heal by sharing thoughts that they could have never shared with their Witness counterparts, or even their own families. Therefore, this site is a source of therapy for many individuals. Letting out their anger is a part of the healing process. So, please try to at least show a little bit of understanding.

    Many well intentioned newbies have come on this site and have tried to "set people straight" or have attempted to lecture us as if we were Sunday school children. Let me assure you that those kind of people either change, or they don't last long on this forum. If you wish to evangelize, try starting your own congregation. If you wish to dialogue however, this might be a place for you.

    Oh, and by the way, I don't smoke pot.


  • Rabbit

    EL Mariachi, Welcome to the board

    I think I may understand what you are seeing on the board. Please remember...there are many, many THOUSANDS of posters here, so, there is no possible way for everyone to "be on the same page". When we...and you...were JW's we all had to think in a very rigid WT approved way, right ?

    For many folks just arriving, like myself 2.5 years ago, there was a little 'culture shock'. I was not used to the cacophony of independent voices and it took a while to pick out the very different...individual voices. Like yours. 2 years ago I might not have seen you as a unique human, I would have generalized and lumped everyone into one big group.

    Here is something I've noticed about Ex-JW's (including myself), the WTS is a "high control" organization, meaning they attempt to control almost every action and behavior of all it's followers down to actually 'micro-managing' us -- even telling us what to think & believe. This is why the WT "guilt trip" is so effective -- they are in our very brains. This has caused deaths due to not accepting blood transfusions (my Mom died like that) or organ transplants and by suicide when the guilt of breaking WT law or "not being able to live by the WT or Bible's laws".

    When someone in a "high control" religion, cult, military, prison or other group gets out & away from that extreme control -- it is a human, not just Ex-Jehovah's Witness tendency -- to go a little wild. Not everyone does this of course, but, it is a fact of life that people want to 'blow off a little steam' or to do some things they were artificially kept from doing while 'inside'.

    I don't speak for anyone else, but, I went a 'little wild' at first, too. But, very soon I settled down. Now I had to find 'my' life again, I had to discover what my life had been missing. Everyone MUST find their own level, their own belief system. I just accept that people don't have to believe the way I do and I feel good about that.

    It's like a pendulum swinging far too far when first 'let go', but, eventually settling down.

    There are many, many people here that still believe the Bible is God's Word. You'll have to find them by reading...you'll begin to 'see' and 'hear' the very different voices.

    Peace to ya'


  • oldflame


    psst* dude, Inquisitor's avatar looks kinda demonic too. Ooooga Booga
    I laughed my ass off on this one !!!!!!!!!!!
  • Gill

    El Mariachi - Dear me! I see you have not escaped the JW mind set that all who are not JW are out there commiting 'Sin' left right and centre, whatever that might be.

    Well, maybe some are making love, some smoking a little pot, and all mentally growing and escaping JW land, but no one here is sinning.

    Why don't you take a pen and pencil and write down all the EVIL things that the God of the Bible commanded and allowed in the OT.

    Then come back and tell us who'd sinning.

    If anything, many of us have become more loving, tender, considerate and understanding of everyone since leaving JW land. But it doesn't mean that we have to put up with nonsense from anyone. So far you've had folk be very kind to you on this board BUT, you've got to ask yourself why you think those who have left JW land are sinners. Then redefine you qualification to Judge people.

    He who has no sin throw the first stone.

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