Thank you Jehovah for answered prayers

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  • Gregor

    "Thank you JEHOVAH for answered prayers" !!??

    My earlier post on this thread was completely tongue in cheek. I simply wanted to point out another perspective of the same incident that Annie described. Because I really don't believe Annie started this topic with anything thing in mind except seeing if she could get a reaction from the peanut gallery (of which I am a proud member). Fair enough, it is a nice little topic. The bonus she got were the chumps who took the bait and blew the whole thing out of proportion. Little Toe, (you big lovable sappy weeny) and Butt Lite, (one of those grouchy days?) take a deep breath and exhale slowly. You think newbies should go through an incubation process before they are exposed to the world of XJW-RAW? I have detected very few mean spirited people here. Annie is setting back grinning, already thinking about the next topic to toss into the hatchery pond.

  • gymbob

    Wow, as a newbie i'm not sure I want to jump into this pool, oh well....

    My girlfriend disagrees, but I don't think anyone has hurt Annie's feelings, and I love the comments that have been made on this thread. It's just discussing a subject,......geez. Ok, some people believe in Jehovah and some don't. Did it ever occur to anybody that the people who believe in a "jehovah god" got their panties in a knot because of the funny names like "jehoover", "jehovie", etc.?

    I don't believe in him anymore, but that's just me. I'm just glad to be able to believe whatever I want these days .

    Annie, i'm glad you got your purse back but I think you were just lucky this time! Is it ok if I say "lucky"?!

  • mama1119

    I have to agree with the majority here, I think it is luck. I think its a bit offensive as well for Annie to think she has so special and saintly that Jehovah would listen to her stupid purse prayer and not those of people sick and dying, tortured, hungry, scared etc. Why is she better then them, becuase she puts in her 2.5 in sevice a week??? I don't think thats how Jehovah operates, sorry dear.....

  • BizzyBee
    Plus, I said you "May" as in "might" think I am a B!tch! Never said you completely think that. I don't mind labels.

    OK, B****h.

    Now see, THAT's funny!

  • LittleToe

    I'm going to lay a few cards on the table, since Annie appears to have left the building...

    While I'm well known as a deeply spiritual man, I don't use the name "Jehovah". I think it has escaped my lips maybe twice since I left the WTS, other than in the context of talking about JWs. I also think that Annie was extremely lucky and suspect that setting guardian angels on purse duty is not an activity God involves Himself in.

    That having been said, Brooke's following comment about sums it up for me:

    I remember going to a Aposta-fest not too long ago, where they burned the WT. Did I mind? Not really, but someone else did. It bothered me that no one else saw the confusion, the disgust in this persons eyes. I never would do such a thing, but that's my choice.

    Have we become flag-burning fanatics, wherein we have to jump on anything that smacks of something we dislike? If so, what separates us from Middle-Eastern American-hating peasants?

    There's simply little excuse for that kind of behaviour. It's not even cathartic. Is there genuinely anyone who has posted to this thread that feels they have expunged any inner demons by addressing Annie the way they have?

    Whether or not Annie has been hurt by the comments is almost immaterial. A mirror is being held up. Know thyself!

  • Crumpet

    Annie are you Okay, are you okay Annie?

  • LittleToe

    You've been hit by a smooth criminal?

  • cyberdyne systems 101
    cyberdyne systems 101

    Having read through this massive long thread - I have to say I dont see any attack being made, it seemed quite respectfully discussed to me. There of course was some direct statements and disagreement, along with sarcasm. This is a discussion forum and if someone starts a thread its usually to get a discussion going, certainly Annie has accomplished that. Most people lurk here before posting, and my suspision is that she would have realised the type of reaction that post may have produced. Anyhow it seems to me that a balance has been struck up here, to show Annie that its purely people putting their oppinions and no harm is being meant. My own point of view is that Jehovah didnt answer her prayer, and she got lucky.

    Anyway welcome Annie and come back soon - you have a way with the forum (I dont think I could have raised a subject that got this many replies, lol).

    CS 101

  • whyamihere

    OK, B****h.

    Now see, THAT's funny!

    For someone who felt strongly against labels, you sure know how to use it.

    Does it bother me being called that? No, not at all, its more like a compliment to me. So in other words, "Thank You!"

    Question, didn't you want to return to the original topic?

  • ButtLight

    and Butt Lite, (one of those grouchy days?) take a deep breath and exhale slowly.

    Ok, maybe!

    Ripped a new one may have been the wrong term. Alot of sarcasm sound better?

    Did she know she would stir up the pot by her title? Only she knows that.

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