Thank you Jehovah for answered prayers

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  • BizzyBee

    I found a purse yesterday. No joke. Someone had laid a fully-loaded purse - cell phone, wallet, etc - on a shelf whilst looking at place mats and napkins is a Cost Plus store. I took it to the register and asked the clerk if anyone reported missing a purse. She said no, but that she would hold it. I said, no, I would make sure it got back to the owner. (I trust my own honesty more than the clerk's.)

    The phone started ringing and I walked around the store looking for somebody using a cell phone. Sure enough in about 30 seconds, I spot a guy using his phone, he spots me and then the purse. His wife came over and they were both so grateful and relieved to get her purse back.

    Jehoobie was conspicuous by his absence from the entire drama.

  • Annie Over
    Annie Over
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    I'm with Littletoe on this one.....I understand how she must have felt.....

    People! we left self righteousness when we left the Borg!


    Hi Jason, That is a cute picture, and thanks for the support! Annie
  • jason bourne
    jason bourne

    Your'e welcome Annie!!!

    I still Thank Jehovah for stuff.......I have it hard wired into me......

    Thanks for the complement too.........Id love to meet you one day where are u etc..........

  • loosie

    Annie, I think the point people here are trying to make is why did jehovah protect yours and not eveyone else's.

    I have a friend who in in wholesheartedly. She pioneers, single and goes to evey meeting. She was in a store one day trying on shoes. She put her purse down for a bit and the money she had just taken out for incedentals for the month was taken she lost $300.

    Now why didn't Jehovah protect her purse? Afterall she is IN and doing what he wants ...right?

    I'm glad you got your purse back it is surprising that you did in this day and age.

  • JWdaughter

    I don't think that thanking God/Jehovah/Jesus is stupid OR baiting. May former JWs don't have any issues with the name Jehovah, except as associated with the Borg. Many can thank God for any blessing they receive and don't really need anyone's permission or acceptance of the idea to do so. If we left the Borg so we can pick on those who believe differently than we do how does that make us any different essentially? Isn't that what we do when IN the borg? There are Christians and Atheists here. Most are ex-JWs. I think some respect is in order. I have seen things on this board that make my toenails warp! And I can be pretty earthy sometimes. I am not going to run down anyone here. The only thing I pick on is the organization and its teachings. JWs are people too-and we all used to be one of them (JW's-most of us are still people:)). If you can't ask God to bless them, just ask yourself to be kinder than they would be to you, and make a liar out of the borg. (Strictly my editorial opinion, and not meant to be a demand, order or in any way imperious!) I love this place, and would hate for a person who is looking on to be scared off before they can learn anything useful, or ask questions that may be answered here for them.

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