What's the worst dish your mother ever made you eat?

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  • mrsjones5

    Yep folks this is a fluff topic

    Mine is yellow squash with onions. It's a truely hideous dish. My mother would slice up the squash and onions and saute them until they were limp and slightly burnt. She would season it with pepper and *gasp* sugar! Every time she made us eat it we would throw up. My brother once held it in his mouth for hours because he didn't want to swallow it.

    Ah the memories.


  • kid-A

    Mashed potatoes with Turnips and Brussel Sprouts.

    Turnips : the most disgusting vegetable on earth.....

    Brussel Sprouts: a close runner-up and a vile, vile weed!!! LOL

  • forsharry

    Liver and onions.

    now, kiddies, let me tell you about liver. You either like it or you cannot abide the taste of it. Why? Because there's actually a receptor on your tongue that if it's active (via genes ala dominant or recessive) you taste a certain enzyme in the liver that makes it completely unpalatable to you...bitter, nastiness. I am the only person in my immediate family that possesses this genetic trait...and my mother was of the opinion that you eat what I cook. I got sick on liver nights. After awhile mom stopped making me eat it.

    Even the smell makes me sick.


    of the "Liver is of the Devil" class

  • bebu

    I'm with forsharry.

    None of our family would touch the liver and onions that my mom made, the first and only time she ever cooked it. She ended up throwing her plate into the kitchen sink and shattering it, as she stomped out.

    All of us had 2 seconds of guilt for making her feel so bad, and then happily jumped up and threw our dinners in the trash. Even my dad, I think.


  • DesertRat


    Chopped liver, especially...


  • james_woods

    Whole hominy or hominy grits.

    Funny, I kind of like them now.

  • brutusmaximus

    Something called Spanish Rice which was rice and peppers and a tin of tomato soup all thrown in. I couldn't leave the table till it was all done and by then it was cold which made it worse.

    Going to puke now thanks


  • Elsewhere

    "Spritual Food" from the Watchtower Soceity

  • FreedomFrog
    Liver and onions.

    Yep, me too.. YUCK!!! They would say the "onions" helped with flavor. Then why eat it if you have to "mask" the taste??? lol

    Also, some kind of mushed meat that is in a roll... used as spread. I don't know what it's called... starts with B. NASTY stuff.

  • Beachbender

    I`m in total agreement about the liver & onions!!! YUCK! and my mom would make cabbage balls, everyone but me in the family liked these??! I absolutely hated cooked cabbage! and this was the time period where parents thought they were doing your health good by making you stay at the table whether it took hours to eat any of this stuff. I was scared ( don`t know why) to death of spinach when I was a little girl, I would sit at the table and cry for hours with this in front of me didn`t matter to my mom though. Now as a mother my self I never used food to traumatize my kids in anyway!

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