What's the worst dish your mother ever made you eat?

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  • IP_SEC

    I was about 9 or so and my little sister colorado5591 was a baby. We were at convention in San Antonio eating lunch on the river walk (in those days you could leave the site for lunch)

    Well on the way to the convention I saw colorado's baby food. I though "damn, ya know I'd sure like to try that and see what it tastes like"

    So I opened a can that looked sumthin like this

    "Yummm apple... not bad.... *puts lid back on* My mom found the open baby food and finally I confessed I had opened it. So.... to break me from doing that again I was forced to eat the jar of strained peas flavoured baby food. I must say it was the most disgusting thing I've ever eaten. I was gaggin and wreching for a half hour. Well it all worked out in the end because colorado got plenty of bugs and snakes thrown on her by her big brother later in life.

  • Soledad

    I can' t really think of anything really vile that either my mom or dad made me eat. There were plenty of dishes that I didn't care for (such as the liver with onions, cod fish stew, chickpeas, cow tongue) but its not like I'm traumatized from it. I would eat as much as I could and that was that. Funny, I actually like cow tongue and chickpeas now!

    I saw that someone here posted and article on souse----now that I can't stand!!

  • PopeOfEruke

    My mum once made a nice baked pasta dish in the oven. My mate and I had been out witnessing and came home, he stayed for lunch.

    Anyway Mum served the steaming dish, it looked great! I took a mouthful and went "Whoa! This tastes funny!!' My mate and Dad tried it and said, it tastes wierd, like some chemical taste.....We said "What could it be??"

    Then Mum started laughing.....she realised what she had done! She sprayed the oven dish with what she thought was that non-stick cooking oil stuff, but had reached in and grabbed the can of Preen by mistake. Thats the ironaid, spray starch to make collars stiff. She sprayed the baking dish with Preen!!!

    Lucky it didn't make us all stiff.


  • luna2
    Elsewhere said: I have never found bugs in my food.

    I didn't find stuff all the time by any means, but a couple times a year was enough to keep me looking. I hated that disgusting frozen chopped brocolli because I found a dead locust in my bowl once....and it was hard to spot because chopped brocolli is such a mess all by itself.

    My grandmother used to put out relish trays that included cherry tomatos, radishes and celery. I would pull the little stems off the cherry tomatos and look inside before eating them. I found a little caterpiller in one...no holes or blemishes anywhere on the tomato. ick. Now I almost always cut them in half first.

    Another time, my mother had picked fresh lettuce from the garden, washed it and made salads with it. I got as far as pouring dressing on before finding a live slug in it. Ugh!

    It always embarrased my poor mother, like I was purposely trying to make her look bad or something, but honestly, what was I supposed to do?


    Dam near everything she made.That woman could burn water..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    nothing is worse. than my mom's soft boiled egg.s she used to force me to eat them till i was about 5yrs old. i hated them so much. i would not eat any thing with egg's in it for 20 years. i still get the heaves. when my mom . cooks soft boiled eggs. and she laughs and tries to say how much i loved them as a baby. john

  • GentlyFeral


    Also, some kind of mushed meat that is in a roll... used as spread. I don't know what it's called... starts with B. NASTY stuff.

    "Braunschweiger," and it's nasty 'cause its English name is LIVERwurst.

    Actually I like liverwurst – about once every five years I'll buy a roll and eat it all myself, in sandwiches, for about a week. But I can't abide plain liver, like forsharry said

    Because there's actually a receptor on your tongue that if it's active (via genes ala dominant or recessive) you taste a certain enzyme in the liver that makes it completely unpalatable to you...bitter, nastiness.
    Not only bitter but mushy, no matter how carefully you cook it.

    FreedomFrog again –

    why eat it if you have to "mask" the taste??? lol
    Liver is a nutritional powerhouse, that's why.

    My mother was an excellent self-taught cook. The weirdest thing I can remember her serving was cream of ham soup – sounds nauseous, I know, but it was actually savory, smooth, and light. She got the recipe out of gourmet magazine.

    She also cooked things like chicken mole, which, according to her recipe, had a paste of bitter chocolate, sesame seeds, garlic, salt and some other things plastered all over the outside of a whole chicken, which was then baked till the paste was crisp. I stuffed myself with it every time. It came from one of her hundred or so cookbooks, but I never thought to ask which one.

    I remember – dimly – protesting over having to eat the fat on pork chops. My stepfather was raised to believe that it was good for you, and used to give me grief about it from time to time.

    gently feral

  • PopeOfEruke

    Liver is awesome!!! - Whats wrong with you Apostates???

    Next time you are in Frankfurt Germany, go to Sachsenhausen and order Kalbsleber mit Zwiebeln und Apfel!! YUMM! Calf liver with onion and apple! With mashed potato! It's a wonderful meal! And yout can drink a couple of litres of Appel wein with it too!

    Really it's one of my favourite dishes...


  • GentlyFeral

    Jayhawk said:

    I don't like beets either. For some reason my mom does, but to me they taste like dirt.

    That's precisely why I do like them. My mother did too, for the same reason. I also inherited her taste for perfumes that smell earthy - Tigress, vetiver, patchouli etc.

    You know, this thread is making me a little sad. A number of you are grossing out over my favorites.

    gently feral

  • IP_SEC
    She also cooked things like chicken mole, which, according to her recipe, had a paste of bitter chocolate, sesame seeds, garlic, salt and some other things plastered all over the outside of a whole chicken,

    Mole is fookin wreched, except for guacamole some of the "other things" in it is peanut butter

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