Great news. The WTS did not commit spiritual prostitution with UN.

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  • Fisherman

    I clicked on Kennison's link and it contains a UN document citing an awake magazine with apparent favorable stuff about the UN. I was dismayed to see that. I thought before sseingthe document that it was only a coincidence that the wts wrote seemingly positive articles about the UN. Is there any substance to the alegations that the wts intentionally wrote positive articles to the UN or that the wts wrote suchlike articles to get something from the UN and did not do so freely and inocently without any other motive. Any proof?

  • thirdwitness

    Before I address AlanF's latest same old tired inaccurate reasoning I would like to go back in the past to page 7 of this thread and address Auldsoul's comment where he said:

    They did not register, there is no such thing as a registrant/registrar relationship between NGOs and the UN/DPI.

    Then he tried to make it appear that the WTS is trying to cover up that they were members or associated with the DPI and says: The Society outrightly lies when they mischaracterize the nature of the relationship as one of registrant to registrar.

    My reply was this: What did the WTS really say? Did they deny that they ever had a membership to the DPI as Auldsoul contends?

    Two quotes from letters sent out by the WTS disproves what Auldsoul is saying:

    Quote #1: “Moreover, NGOs are informed by the United Nations that "association of NGOs with the DPI does not constitute their incorporation into the United Nations system, nor does it entitle associated organizations or their staff to any kind of privileges, immunities or special status."

    Reasoning on the matter: If the WT was claiming that they were never associated with the DPI why would they quote information form the UN showing that "association of NGOs with the DPI does not constitute their incorporation into the United Nations?

    Quote # 2: “After learning of the situation, our membership as NGO was withdrawn and the ID card of the writer was returned.” Here is something new that destroys Auldsoul's argument that association and registration are not the same. From the site. UN SYSTEM AND CIVIL SOCIETY -

    May 2003

    Under the heading: Accreditation with ECOSOC:

    Comes this quote:

    It does, however, provide a number of practical benefits, such as obtaining passes to enter UN grounds, attend meetings and interact with governments or secretariat staff (as does being on DPI Register).

    And under the heading: Accreditation with the Department for Public Information

    Comes this quote: Currently about 1400 NGOs, mostly Northern, are accredited with DPI...................... The DPI NGO Section has recently been weeding out the inactive ones from its register...

    Auldsoul and opposers of JWs have been trying to make such a big deal about the difference in 'registering' as opposed to 'becoming associated with' but apparently it is not as big of deal as they would lead us to believe. I will repeat what I said earlier. The WTS registered as an NGO associated with the DPI . Then as they said, they later withdrew their Membership.

    3RD Witness you destroy your own arguement by opening your mouth..Only an Idiot would have started this thread.I guess you were the man for the job..LOL!!..I will ask you again: What does Noah have to do with,the WBTS association with the the United Nations?..What does the 70CE Christians fleeing into the mountains,have to do with the WBTS association with the United Nations?..We both know the answer,Nothing!..You really are a pathetic debater..And there`s a team of you..LOL!!..It takes you and your team,to be an Idiot?? ..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • thirdwitness

    I also have just realized why many of you have left the truth. It is because you worshiped the WTS. You worshiped the organization. And so when you saw that people in the organization were imperfect or saw wrongdoing or what you perceived as wrongdoing being committed, you were stumbled and left Jehovah and his people. On the other hand, true JWs upon seeing the imperfections of men in the organization are not stumbled because they worship Jehovah not the organization.

    What made me realize this is all the praise heaped upon AlanF. No one dare disagree with AlanF. AlanF will kick your butt. AlanF will answer for us. Don't mess with AlanF. You merely replaced the WTS with AlanF. You still cannot think for yourself. You still follow in blind obedience. But true worshipers of Jehovah do not follow the WTS in blind obedience. They research and diligently look into the Bible and they see for themselves that the teachings of JWs are in accord with the Bible. They are not blindly following the organization as many of you were who left it. True worshippers of Jehovah are wide awake in their realization that JWs are God's organization.

    Of course, some, like AlanF, have replaced the WTS with Carl Jonnson, secular chronology, and his own self. He has even replaced the Bible (not inspired of God according to him) and Jehovah (just a tribal god not unlike the gods of the Chaldeans, Assyrians, or Egyptians) with Carl Jonnson, secular chronology, and himself.

    Case in point: AlanF's blatant disregard for the guidelines of the DB. But no one dare correct AlanF. He can call you liar, moron, idiot, f***ing hypocrit, and whatever other name he can think of and then tell you that thirdwitness should be removed from the DB because he disregards the guidelines and is a liar. Then he justifies why he can do it and most here praise his reasoning. Who will speak up against AlanF? Who will tell AlanF that he is the chief breaker of the rules? Will the administrator stand up? Is AlanF above the rules? He's just like your perception of the WTS. He does not have to follow the rules at all. Only the peons like thirdwitness needs to be counseled about the rules. Yes, AlanF is your new WTS. What a laughing stock you opposers of JWs are to honest lurkers and onlookers.

    Case in point: the subject of parousia. AlanF was left looking so ridiculous that I was even a little bit embarrassed for him. But dare anyone cross him and tell him he was obviously wrong? No way. He is your new Watchtower Society who you blindly follow. Whatever AlanF says is truth. If AlanF says the sky is green and the grass is blue well then the sky is green and the grass is blue. If AlanF says parousia in Matt 24 should be translated 'coming' despite all the contextual evidence against such translation then AlanF must be right. If AlanF says no 'modern' scholars say that parousia in Matt 24 should be translated presence then it must be right.

    Another case in point: AlanF said of Lloyd Barry and the NGO/DPI application: The fact is that Barry did sign the original application form ... How many know that AlanF is wrong? But how many will come forth and correct the mighty god who has replaced the WTS, AlanF? No one has yet and many are so well studied on this subject that they know for a fact that AlanF is either mistaken or is an outright liar.

    Another case in point: Remember the conversation with Oleg (who I mistakenly called Greg). Do you remember AlanF telling us how the questioning of Oleg and the way it was done was devious? Even when it would be to your benefit to correct Mr. Alan F no one would dare speak against him. AlanF's exact words concerning the questioning of the DPI offficer, Oleg were: Perhaps the problem lies in the ignorant, and perhaps devious manner in which the questions were posed.

    Of course you all loved it and agreed wholeheartedly no doubt with the all wise guru of the DB, AlanF, that the questioner, who you believe to be thirdwitness, is both ignorant and devious. I wholeheartedly agree with AlanF for once. I believe the questioner was ignorant of the facts and devious in what he was trying to do. If you will look at this site: you will find out just who that questioner was.

    Who can stand against AlanF and his followers?

  • What-A-Coincidence

    3rd eye blind... I don't follow no one!

    If you follow Jehovah or the organzation YOU SHOULD NOT BE POSTING ON AN APOSTATE WEBSITE (as per either Jehovah or the org).

    ps - Do yourself a great favor and read "CoC"

  • Funchback

    WOW! Thanks thirdwitness. I am going to turn in my Ex-JW card and exchange it for the latest Blood Card! How I was in complete darkeness during the past few years.
    By the way, am I allowed to take WHOLE blood, or 2%? Perhaps the skim blood is healthier. blood. Mmmmmm!

  • stevenyc


    Its pretty obvious to all that you having nothing left to say regarding this thread, so can I ask:

    Would you debate a topic NOT found on your website? If so, can I suggest the September 2006 'Creation Issue' Awake.

    Looking forward to you reply.


  • Gary1914
    I also have just realized why many of you have left the truth. It is because you worshiped the WTS. You worshiped the organization. And so when you saw that people in the organization were imperfect or saw wrongdoing or what you perceived as wrongdoing being committed, you were stumbled and left Jehovah and his people. On the other hand, true JWs upon seeing the imperfections of men in the organization are not stumbled because they worship Jehovah not the organization.

    3rd, if everyone here had agreed with you and your opinions that would have been okay, right? Then we would have all been highly intelligent because we had seen things your way? So, if anyone who agrees with you are all super intelligent and anyone who agrees with AlanF, well those people are all dumb and worshippers of men as well as the Watchtower Society?

    Well, you have certainly put us in our place. You are so darn smart that you know why we left the truth. You are so darn smart that you know that we all once worshipped the Watchtower Society. And you, being a true blue JW have seen their imperfections and have remained a JW.

    If that it? Have I got it now because I don't want to tick you off?

    Your passionate retort is so ridiculous that it seems petty. I believe that even AlanF knows that he is not right all the time, no one said he was. Most of us only know AlanF from this Board. We do not bow down to him, or serve him, or pray to him, or sell magazines for him. Get a grip!

    As I said before, you came here with an agenda. I believe it was to convert all of us nasty exJW's to your way of thinking. Did you have a bet with someone that you could do it? Was money involved? Because now it is plain that you are unhappy and grumpy that things did not go your way. And do you know why they did not go your way? It's simple. It is because you are wrong, wrong, wrong. You have deluded yourself into believing the words and actions of mere mortal men.

    Perhaps you should just go away, sit down somewhere and wait for Armageddon. As you know, it is imminent, right around the corner.

  • Kenneson

    Here's another one that should be linked to this thread. It contains letters of Jim Wood to elders and family on UN/DPI.

  • jayhawk1

    Thirdwitness, your assumption is wrong when it comes to me. When I was a Jehovah's Witness, I worshipped God and read the Bible, it was the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society that got it the way with stupid rules like no beards, must wear a tie at all JW events, must attend all meetings, must read all JW literature, false end dates and then hiding the truth about them, new light that returned to old light, insisting on 607, and their rules regarding baptism.

    If anything, it takes worship of the Watchtower Society to remain a JW.

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