my bethel servise left me seriously depressed!!!!

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  • SPAZnik

    If you are interested in working for an organization that will educate you
    for your years of "servise", you might try the military. You even get a pension out of the deal. Of course that depends on what country you live in.

  • xcaliber

    I would never try to sue the sosiety, one of the societys legal representitives went to my bookstudy, I would file a law suite against the individuals that tried to hit me with 2 by 4's and discriminated against me because of my race. I never thought the society would try to deffend people like that, espesialy when there was no question rasial slures were being used, its just that know one did anything about it. And I definantly get more sleep now, I was so depresed when this first happend I did not do much else.It hurt to much to be awake. Also the bible dose teach that god is love and that should be the main motivation for serving him. But at Matthew 24:14 Jesus COMANDED his followers to preach in all the inhabited earth the same kingdom message. Jehovahs wittnesses are the only ones I know that do that.

  • gymbob


    Welcome to the board! There are good people here who can give you some great advice, and I was at bethel also, and i'm pretty new here, so I know how you feel.

    You asked for advice from people here, and THIS IS IT...ready?? Good.

    1) START TAKING BETTER CARE OF YOURSELF. Get some sleep and see a doctor.

    2) LEAVE THE WITNESSES. They are not what you think they are.

    3) GET A JOB. Start taking care of yourself financially.

    4) GET A EDUCATION.Find out what you want to do, then learn how to do it.

    5) KEEP READING ON THIS WEBSITE. Start your education right here, there are lots of smart, caring people here to learn from.

    In my experience, i've noticed that the people who get the most breaks in life, are the people who work the hardest. You're a hard worker, ok. But you have been working for the wrong cause. You have good motives, but anytime you do something with the witnesses (meetings, field service, etc.) is time better spent on YOUR LIFE. If you do this, you won't believe how much time you'll have to fix things in you're life and get back on track.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    some say physical revenge is petty and unecesary...but not me. I would wait outside the 107 courtyard or where ever the offender stay's and open up a can o wup-ass. And I say this based on experience. When I left Bethel I took the high road and did not go on rebuking those who were rebuking me. And 12 yrs later I wish I had done what I just told you to do.

    On the real tho move on with your life, this takes time read other experiences and paths on this board and it will help. Check out the post of JT on this board. he was at Bethel and he was black you may find some encouragement in his post.

  • xcaliber

    spaznik you dont beleive I am a witness, There are some things you should know. I dont remember saying that I was not raised as a witness because I was. I was a publisher when I was 8 years old. Also I have never discused any thing like this on computer before. my spelling could be bad but my hands are actualy shaking right now because of nervousness. I am woundering though what I said to make you doubt I am a witness. and if anyone doubts I was at bethel I still have my bethel keys and my Identification badge and my dwelling manuel and many other things.....I still even have my old gate opener. They were in such a hurry for me to leave that they did not take these things back from me. And I was born and still live in america. Also I never did much but study and go out in service so I never even got a computer on the internet untill my mid

  • xcaliber

    my computer just went crazy sorry for the repitition. wish I could erase some of that

  • xcaliber

    Who do I talk to about eraseing some of those repeted paragraphs????????????????????

  • SPAZnik

    why are you nervous honey?

  • SPAZnik

    I apologize I read it wrong about you not being raised in it, I must have mixed your posts up with someone elses on that point.

    who in america calls it america i wonder.

  • MegaDude

    Repetition is the mother of skill.

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