my bethel servise left me seriously depressed!!!!

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  • SPAZnik

    Well, the bible says not to sue a brother.
    So if you do believe these are your brothers
    and that the bible is accurate,
    then suing is not an option. :P

  • candidlynuts

    you must be in the lower income range... look into community colleges and things like that in your area. you would probably qualify for financial aid to get you trained in something.

    did you like working in the medical ward? nurses aid training is very easy to get into and you can get grants etc to pay for the training.. once you are trained as a CNA you get a job and keep going to school to become a LPN or RN.

  • MegaDude
    I am 28 years old. I guess I could try to learn a skill. but I found someone I want to marry

    You guess you could learn a skill? You guess? You are not highly motivated to learn a skill? Well, if you can only guess about bettering your life, you're completely screwed. Here's my guess. You're looking for a handout.

  • SPAZnik

    If you think you are crippled, then you are.

    I would recommend thinking that it has not crippled you

    and focusing on all that you do have going for you.

    Apparantly you are capable of using a computer.

    Apparantly you are capable of having someone fall in love with you and engage.

    Apparantly you are capable of communicating.

    Apparantly you are capable of seeing the flaws in things.

    Apparantly you are capable of identifying a problem.

    Apparantly you are capable of finding the enemies of an organization when you want to complain about said organization.

    If you think it is impossible to find a job there, then it is.

    I would recommend thinking that it is possible.

    (Or go somewhere else since you said "it is").

    Stop wasting your energy on trying to convince yourself and us about how impossible things are (cuz it's not working, we've had hard times too and we've survived them) and put some of that imaginative force into troubleshooting and resolving.

    Be sure and get some sleep. Things often look much clearer after a good nights rest. :)

  • xcaliber

    well yes I have low income because I have worked for free at bethel the last 3 years. I have only been away for about 5 months. I will look into training as a nurses assistant.Its just that we are made in gods image and we have a strong sence of justice, and I feel something should be done about raceism at bethel, and a lot of other things there to. I know the names of every one involved. there has got to be something I could do.

  • sammielee24

    What is it you want to do with your life? Do you want to get married? Then you have to be able to support yourself. What job do you want? Do you want to work cleaning bathrooms or would you rather work as a computer technician, a library, carpentry, plumbing? Think of what you want to be doing 10 years from now - what kind of life do you see for yourself when you are 40? Do you see a house? Kids? A car? A vacation? Or do you see yourself only out in service knocking on doors? You need to decide for yourself where you want to be in the future and work toward that goal. The Society may not like education, but the Society will not pay for your health care, your retirement, your car, your vacation, clothes, food, rent or raising children. If your aspiration is to continue knocking on doors, well - I guess I'd advise you to play the game and aim high because the only people who are gaining anything in the organization are at the top. At least they have a roof over their heads and money in their pocket - and I'd wisely bank that extra money because you'll need it when they kick yout out years down the road. As for them only having the real truth in the bible - perhaps you may wish to pick up a bible other than the Watchtower written New World Translation - I think you might find it interesting to note the differences and recognize that despite being told it was inspired, the NWT, the society bible, is nothing more than another translated piece of work and men no more inspired than I am at writing my own translation. What would I do if I were you? I'd never stop learning. sammieswife.

  • candidlynuts

    one thing you could do is document all the things that you saw at bethel that were it soon , so you dont forget anything.

    list names, dates or approximate dates , witnesses to what happed, things like that.

    that way you have a written record of things , and if the time comes that you figure out something you can do about it, you have that much done already.

    keep checking this thread, after the weekend more people will read it and someone may have some advice about the racism issue for you.

    welcome to the board! (forgot to say that in my first post!)

  • smellsgood

    I dont want to leave the organization because it is the only one that I know that is very acurate as far as bible teachings."
    smellsgood: There are other groups that teach almost exactly the same thing the WT does. Unfortunately the ones that come to mind are cults too. Why don't you do some research on the WT?
    Sounds like they took advantage completely of you. That doesn't seem very loving. That doesn't seem like Jesus' direction to make ones burden light.
    "But my old rasist overseer is still in bethel while I strugle to find a job and pay bills. I wish I could sue him or something. but when you go to bethel you sign a contract saying you will not sue the society. I wish I could go on the news or something."
    smellsgood: Why don't you try and get someone to cover your story? Hell, you're in New York, why don't make a sign and hold it up on the Today show if nothing else. Maybe put a krispy kreme plate on top, so Al will be sure to come over and speak with you.


  • xcaliber

    Let me make it clear I am not looking for a hand out. I worked 17 hour days at bethel, memorized all or most medical termes used by the nurses with no medical back ground. I am a hard worker. I guess I was feeling sorry for my self because my whole perception of my own organization was recently shaterd never to be the same again. to understand you would have to know how bethel was the only goal I had for the future, I would have died trying to get in.And about being raised in the truth, I do a lot of reserch on my own and most other religions have something extremly wrong with them. They teach that god is a trinity which is crazy. or they teach every body is going to heaven, when the bible says only a set number will go, or they teach that you will burn up in a fire for ever when you die, when the bible clearly states that the dead feel nothing and are no longer consious.And here is a big one Jehovahs wittnesses preach the same message in over 230 lands, Jesus said to preach the kingdom message in all the earth, who else do you see going door to door teaching others about the bible. That is why I canot leave the organization because no other organization comes close to following scripture.

  • MegaDude

    Oh, it's obvious from your posts you've done tons of research.

    *cough* TROLL *cough*

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