The End is coming Pretty Soon, Folks

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  • DannyHaszard

    Poet and writer Mark Twain sez,"if a million people believe in a stupid thing (the invisible/incredible 1914 Jesus) for a hundred years it's STILL a stupid thing.

  • heathen

    end of what, heathen?


    I admit to being an end of the worlder still . The j-dubs aren't the only ones saying it , most of the televangelists and main stream religion are on the band wagon with it . Just listen to John Hagee or zola levitt even Jack Van Impe . The baptist believe in the rapture as most pentecostal religion but most are waiting for the identity of the anti christ .Most think it's going to be the european union . Everybody christian in the first century believed it would be in their lifetime . Scientists today are saying that a disaster will happen in the near future either from a super volcano an asteroid or nuclear annihilation . Take your pick . Why not throw an angry God in there somewhere . LOL

  • IvyWalker
    In addition, the end is very near because later on this year there will be several announcements coming from the society. Wow!

    Really? Maybe they want to announce that the fidele and discreet slave will consist of other sheep completely in near future.

    Or they will announce that Brooklyn will be sold and shut down (new appartements will be built there).

    Or will they actually announce that 2034 will come Armageddon? 120 years after 1914? Like Noah had to preach 120 years?

    They make preparations for an unbelievable announcement for sure.


  • skeptic2

    What are we supposed to look for? Is that it, over there?

  • heathen

    I think they will go into the , "endure until the finish" mode again . They get that every once in awhile for the old timers . Remember it's on a day you think not , we do not worship God in accord with a date in mind ....... Blah blah yadda yadda . Then you can sit there and wonder why they keep saying the end is around the corner , like a carrot on a stick they like to keep the crowd selling magazines and brainwashing people......

  • IronClaw

    The way it has been COMING for the past 120 years or so now. I predict it will be COMING in the same way 120 years from now too.

    The Claw.

  • fullofdoubtnow

    The end of what? The end of this system has been coming "pretty soon" for about 100 or so years, and won't have come in 100 more.

  • carla

    Soon. Around the corner. At hand. Near. - I decided those will become part of my new vocabulary everytime he asks when something will be done.

  • heathen
    The end of what?

    Really it's looking like the end of the WTBTS more than anything else . With the internet where people can get together and discuss the religion without fear of reproval , the facts are very disturbing and the fairy tale the org. keeps spinning is getting more and more obvious what a fraud it is .

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I heard and I don't know if this is true, but that the JW's had a rumor going around that when Pope John Paul was alive they said when the last Pope died the world would end? Interesting theory because why would their fate rest on someone who they view as someone that is doing satans work? Anyway beloved Pope John Paul has passed and the Vatican has seated a new pope and the world is still spinning and we are all still here.

    I was once asked by an elder who was trying his best to get me to study and get baptized, he told me that if I was not baptized then I wouldn't make it to the new order, I told him, if making it to the new order means I have to spend eternity with all you guys NO THANKS

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