I was raised in the truth. Married an unbeliever when I was 24. Was disfellowshipped for this. But went back to the congregation and was reinstated. When I was 31 I divorced from my husband. My JW-family supported this decision, however there was no real scriptural basis for this. I began to doubt my families integrity. Then I saw the whole mass. So many people are just holding a fassade. I saw that things are not what they pretend to be. I urged the elders to disfellowship me for immoral conduct as I intended to find a new husband - in the world. About 3 years later I was married, ever since very happily. All the time I was still brainwashed and from time to time i wanted to go back to the congregation, but never did. Only one year ago (in 2005) I found the German Ex-jw-forum and read the Ray Franz Book. I was 40 years old and got to see the whole truth. This is thanks to many eye-opening-posts from the german exjw and the book Franz wrote. I am grateful for being out of the woods finally. There is no way back. My nick is derived from the film 'The Village'.