A naturally cheery person! Raised to be a JW by mom who became one in 1941 from being raised as a Roman Catholic. Dad was born a Catholic too, but didn't go to church. I was baptized at age 11 1/2 in 1959 (waaaayyy to young). Have faded for the most part; it wasn't that hard as I am an only child, my mom died in 2003, all my aunts and uncles and cousins on both sides of the family never became JWs; my hubby stopped attending as well but he still believes in the FDS--kind of a paradox isn't it? But I can't speak ill about them to him. BTW, his sister and her hubby are no longer JWs either. We don't live near them but that's OK too. (long story) I came from a congregation which seems to be the exception rather than the rule, compared to others' experiences of their congregations on this board. I have found a new career at my age LOL! Just goes to show it's never too late to begin again.