Question about shunning from someone who has never been a JW....

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    leolaia posted this (Russel) in a thread about disfellowshipping practices and I just thought it would be good to read hear as well.

    But in respect to others, who “walk disorderly,” the regulation is very different. Such an excluded brother or sister should not be treated as an enemy, nor thought of as such; but as an erring brother, as the Apostle says further on in this same epistle, “If any man obey not our word by this epistle [if he be disorderly, unwilling to submit himself to sound reasoning and loving, generous rules of order] note that man, and have no company with him, to the end that he may be ashamed; yet count him not as an enemy, but admonish him as a brother.” (2 Thess. 3:14,15) Such a case as this would imply some open, public opposition on the part of the brother to the rules of order laid down by the Apostle, as the Lord’s mouthpiece; and such a public opposition to right principles should be rebuked by the congregation, should they decide that the brother is so out of order that he needs admonishing; and if he does not consent to the form of sound words, sent us by our Lord through the Apostle, he should be considered as so out of accord as to make it no longer proper that he should have the fellowship of the brethren until he would consent to these reasonable requirements. He should not be passed by on the street unnoticed by the brethren, but be treated courteously. The exclusion should be merely from the privileges of the assembly and from any special brotherly associations, etc., peculiar to the faithful. This is implied also in our Lord’s words, “Let him be unto thee as an heathen man and a publican.” Our Lord did not mean that we should do injury to a heathen man or a publican, nor treat either in any manner unkindly; but merely that we should not fellowship such as brethren, nor seek their confidences, nor as New Creatures give them ours. The household of faith is to be cemented and bound together with mutual love and sympathy, and expressions of these in various ways. It is from the lack of these privileges and blessings that the excluded brother is caused to suffer, until he feels that he must reform his ways and return to the family gathering.

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    This outlook is reasonable. I wonder how it got so far from this that even children who are learning and subject to life's mistakes (as indeed we all are) would be completely shunned-even by family members. Left with no one. Made to feel that they are worthless when they need help the most. Some even thrown out of their homes by parents whose God-given responsibility is to cherish them and support them. And this from an organization that gets "brighter light" constantly.

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    It's too bad the modern Society had to deny everything that Russel taught, plmkrzy. They could certainly use that advice right there.

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    Russel was a kook but at least he had a better sense of what common decency was then did his successors.

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    I know many Bible Students, who have never been associated with the Society who have been "marked" and shunned, just because of the split 100 years ago.

    When I lived in Jersey City, there was a Bible Student, who lived right across the street from the hall, I was only"in" a few years. We would stand outside and someone would tell me "don't ever knock on that door", I asked "why?" and they would tell me "the evil slave lives there." I never understood it, til some year later. Later when I joined the Bible Students, I met this person briefly, as they passed away at 102, yet they were never associated with the witnesses, they were a Bible Student convert from the 1960s.

    I find often, that if Witnesses meet anyone who has any teachings remotely similiar to theirs, they automatically assume these people must have read a Watchtower, because only the witnesses have the Truth.


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    I'm going to mark this to read later.

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    Why do I feel ya'll are talking with Renniah in disquise?

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    cool a reborn thread from 2006,

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