My Meeting with the Elders...

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  • blondie

    Well, having had a gun or two in my face working in law enforcement, I did not laugh. Just taking your gun out of the holster required a report to be filed with the administration. I hope you never pull out your gun as a joke when law enforcement around. I guarantee you they won't be laughing.

    My military father said all guns were considered loaded guns and not to point a gun at anything or anyone you did not intend to shoot.


  • rassillon

    I agree with you and your father, all guns should be treated as loaded, I was taught that at a young age before going hunting. I owned guns most of my life and respect them greatly. As I said before I would never joke with an actual gun, especially around cops, that would be a bad idea, I know several cops and support them, even without a gun I am very cautious when dealing with them in cases like being pulled over for a traffic violation. I hope you understand where I am comming from. -r

  • freetosee

    LOL, I would love to see you do that, but not as you sit down better somewhat into the discussion. A fake gun which has that little flag that says "Bang" when you pull the trigger. I’d love to see their faced, but it is wrong. A gun can get you in big trouble. Although the elders deserve a little fun. But no, don’t do it, if you ask me. fts

  • asleif_dufansdottir
    As I said before I would never joke with an actual gun

    You shouldn't joke with toy guns either.

    Just this morning, on one of my gun owner's forums, there was a post from a man who'd had a car full of teenagers squeal to a stop in front of him, blocking the road, and one of them jumped out with a gun in his hand, racking the slide. The guy, being a CCW holder, pulled his gun, took cover from behind his jeep, informed them he was armed and calling 911, and ordered them to drop the weapon. The kid freaked, dropped the gun and they took off. When the cops got there, they found out it was a toy (airsoft), that'd had the orange parts covered with a sharpie. The kid damned near got shot. When the cops caught them, the kids said, "Did you catch the crazy guy who pointed a gun at us?" The cops explained to them what a CCW was and that if the guy had shot one of them and killed them he'd have been perfectly justified.

    My guns are not for use in silly intimidation games. I wouldn't bother to *disarm* before a meeting with the elders but I wouldn't be brandishing either. I certainly wouldn't wear a fake gun, just to try and scare them or make myself feel big. That's just juvenile. Anyone who'd do that doesn't have any business carrying a real one. In fact. I wouldn't bother to be meeting with the elders.

    Once more, with feeling, just in case anybody isn't getting the picture of how real, grown up, responsible gun owners act, and how they feel about juvenile people, who get a hard-on at the thought of scaring people with a gun, suggest stupid things:

    Take the conceal carry class and pay real close attention. If you display the weapon to intimidate and the police are called, you will be the one in trouble. At the very least you will lose your carry permit. I have a carry permit and I ask you not to do this. Your tactic could be used as ammo by the anti-permit people if they find out about it and it would be justified. If you have any doubt that I am correct, ask your conceal carry instructor and be ready for a good ass chewing. A better idea might be for you to just take the class, but don't purchase the weapon until you lose the cavalier attitude. The only time I would consider showing my weapon would be if I felt my life was in imminent danger, not because some "janitors in suits" want to talk to me. If you feel so strongly about not having these people in your house don't let them in. Its really not that complicated.
  • parakeet

    ***I was not ACTUALLY serious.***
    Very relieved to hear that. One of the most difficult things to convey in writing is satire and sarcasm. We don't know you personally -- all we have to go by is what you wrote. Most thought you were serious. If only a few posters "got it," then your writing didn't convey what you intended. When it comes to subjects like guns, choose your words carefully.

  • asleif_dufansdottir
    When it comes to subjects like guns, choose your words carefully.

    Yes, because it won't be the "anti-guns crowd" who kick your butt the hardest. It will be those of us who own and who carry, who take a dim view of those who do and say dumb crap. We have no tolerance for those who make us look bad, stupid and dangerous.

    And don't whine and blame any of us for "misunderstanding" you. When you make "jokes" about guns you'd better make damned good and sure that it's crystal clear it's meant as a joke.

    The threat of losing the right to own and carry guns is *real* (ask anyone who's tried to get a permit to carry a gun in NYC or California...and don't give me that crap about 'they should move"). As a gun owner and advocate, anything you say can and will be used against all of us in the court of public opinion.

    So knock that sh*t off.

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    So knock that sh*t off.

    Right on!!

  • ronin1

    Jesus did not use intimidation and weapons to get his points across. He have faith in his beliefs and spoke accordingly.

    If you feel you are not strong enough and do not have enough faith in your convictions to say what needs to be said to these elders, then call the meetng off.

    By no means should you display a gun,,,,,etc.

  • blondie

    Well, I guess none of us have read about people with fake guns being shot by mistake...........right?

    It may seem strange that I grew up around real guns, yet my father would never let us have toy guns........"guns are not toys."

    Toy gun...real can hurt yourself more than those you wish to jokingly scare.

    I have seen several people arrested and charged and spend time in jail for brandishing a "toy" gun.


  • jwfacts

    Love the Fake gun idea. The elders wont be packing a gun, so no worries about getting accidently shot.

    I wouldn't recommend a real gun, elders meetings get extremely frustrating and you may get to the point where you feel like actually using it.

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