My Meeting with the Elders...

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  • rassillon

    It is most likely still very far away but I wanted to share with you guys one of the things I am thinking about doing when/if I do meet. I plan on getting my CHL (concealed carry permit) Then I am going to get a shoulder holster. see here I will have them meet at my house and I will be wearing a jacket when they come and when they sit down to meet I will take off my jacket and sit too. This would not be brandishing the weapon and I will be in my own house. I may even use a fake gun. But I bet this will make them think twice about getting testy with me. *evil laugh* I will be video recording the whole thing too. What do you guys think? Oh, and if you don't like guns or whatever, piss off, I DO! -r

  • parakeet

    Keep the recorder. Lose the gun.

  • ithinkisee

    Personally I like the gun idea.



  • undercover

    I like guns, I own guns...

    but lose the gun.

    Being confrontative is only going to make matters worse. Every person is different, every elder is different so there's no way to predict what can or should happen, but I've found that if you keep your cool and remain in charge of your emotions and thinking process, it will un-nerve them more than you think.

    They're coming to expect either an anrgy, disgruntled person or a weak, apologizing person. If you are cool, calm and collected and sure of yourself and any subject that you choose to discuss, it will throw them off. They will backpedal and find a way out of the discussion and your house. The thing is, don't let them change the subject. Once you get the upper hand on any subject, they'll try to change it to something else. That's where you have to stay on top of it and keep them on their heels.

    The real problem is if they get you to start answering questions that they have you can get yourself in a corner. So, don't let them ask questions, you ask the questions and then be prepared to debate their answers, if they're wrong. The key to that is know your subject inside and out. If you don't know the subject, don't let it get steered there.

  • juni

    Our British friends will be shaking their heads at this one. You Yanks and your guns.

    Personally I think it's just stupid mind games. Use a recorder instead.


  • Finally-Free

    As a gun owner, I don't have a problem with guns and responsible ownership. I do, however, question the wisdom of using a firearm to indimidate someone. Sooner or later someone will call you on it. I recall 2 incidents that took place here over 20 years ago. One guy with an unloaded gun thought he would intimidate someone. He got his ass kicked around the block. Another, brandishing a toy gun, got his head blown off by police after using the toy to committ a robery.



    Dude, seriously? Lose the gun. There is no need to stoop to their level of childishness.

    I do like the fact that they are meeting you on your turf instead of theirs to be a great tactical advantage. If they play good cop bad cop, you can always ask the Elder playing bad cop to leave. I did that once, and had a great time with the remaining Elder.

    To clarify, I don't think owning a gun is childish, however using one, even if fake, to intimidate is.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Rassilion,

    Nothing like a little intimidation!!! LOLOLO

    Be sure to get it taped if and when you meet! You will be glad you did!!


    Lady Liberty

  • damselfly

    <<What do you guys think?>>

    You don't care what we think unless we all jump up and down over your brillant plan to use intimidation and threat of potential violence to get one up over men that only have as much control over you as you let them get away with.

    <<Oh, and if you don't like guns or whatever, piss off, I DO!>>

    Mature. Also backs up my statement.

  • Rabbit
    I like guns, I own guns...

    but lose the gun.

    I agree.

    Although I would love to see the looks on their faces ! B-u-t...I think it would be counter-productive. It would certainly cement in their paranoid minds what they've been told about people who "turn their backs on Jehovah". (They all turn into worldly, violent, murderous rapists, satanic sex worshiping folks -- who vote, too ! )

    Rabbit ( of the sex worshipping & voting class only)

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