My Meeting with the Elders...

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  • FairMind
    If you display the weapon to intimidate and the police are called, you will be the one in trouble.

    This is extremely good advice. Have you considered having a Bowie Knife in a knife sheath instead? Of course, make sure you are cleaning your finger nails with it when they come into your home.

  • ocsrf

    This is exactly the kind of thing that the organization points to when bashing those who they claim are apostate. You only cement that point of view by talking like your one foot out of the mental ward.


  • Gregor

    I know you don't seriously expect that they will try to manhandle you. That being the case, I don't see the appropriateness of displaying any kind of weapon. If your really afraid of them then put a baseball bat under the chair, out of sight. Instead, why not concentrate on being ready with some good questions? Take charge of the discussion that way. Read them 1 Peter 3:15 first. Have some fun that way. Set up a hidden video or audeo recorder to satisfy that little bit of James Bond in you. You'll be able to enjoy it over and over. A big question I'm not sure I know the answer too, Are you wanting to avoid disfellowshipping or do you just want to get in a couple of licks before the inevitable? This should define your strategy.

  • crankytoe

    If you want to have fun, dress up like superman, or wear a star trek uniform.

    Please record that to video!

    No gun needed,

  • undercover
    or wear a star trek uniform.

    I recommend the Spock uniform with some pointy ears. Everytime they make a point, just say, "Fascinating" or some line about it not being logical.

    Make sure to give them the ole "Live Long and Prosper" bit when they leave.

  • crankytoe


    HAHAHA! Or ask all your questions using your best William Shatner impression!

    "But---Brother.......Jones....the watchtowerjoinedtheUNandnow I.......have.......doubts,"


  • fullofdoubtnow

    I don't particularly like guns either, and since the elders won't be turning up armed, why woul you need to?

    Wasanelderonce nailed it for me:

    Guns don't intimidate elders, superior intellect intimidates elders.
    amen to that.
  • rassillon

    Ok Ok...Everybody, I see I got a few peoples ire up. I was not ACTUALLY serious. At least a few people realized that. I do like guns but I have a great respect for them and would never really do something like this. Sorry if I got anyone really stirred up. I did figure there would a few who didn't like guns and might get pissy. I did like the suggestion about the star trek costume. That was awesome, I laughed at that one. I will video tape it if it ever does happen, that will be the only shooting besides shooting down their arguments. And for whoever said something about mature and if they could piss off too, well....yeah, if you are going to be a hard ass. -r

  • blondie
    I did figure there would a few who didn't like guns and might get pissy.

    Actually, it was the ones who do "like" guns and own them and their comments that carried the most weight. Guns are not a joking matter.


  • rassillon

    blondie, I do respect you but I have to differ. first

    I did figure there would a few who didn't like guns and might get pissy.

    This is kind of funny seeing how we talk so much about the bible and what things mean and this sentence is misunderstood, I was talking about two groups the ones who "didn't like guns" and those that "might get pissy". second I wether guns are a joking matter is really a personal thing, you may not think they are, I may. I personally would not think "really" brandishing a gun for fun would be proper but some may. In the context I made reference to them I thought it ok. But once again it is a personal thing and you are free to feel how you want. again, even though I do not agree with you on this point, I still respect you. -r

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