Why do the majority of "newbies" disappear ???

by kid-A 74 Replies latest jw friends

  • daystar


    Cos apostates is mean!

    Bite me!! (Sorry, kidding, just couldn't resist.)

  • lost_light06

    I’m on this board every day but I don’t post as much as I would like. Sometimes I will write up a whole new topic and won’t post it because I’m afraid it contains revealing information that would identify me. It is very frustrating because I have many experiences, especially lately, that I would love to share but feel I can’t.

    I personally feel many of the newbies are reading the forum regularly but are afraid to take part. When I first joined the forum I had been lurking for a while. I was really in a state of shock from all the information about the org. Taking that step of just lurking to becoming and active, contributing member was difficult. I realized that I was no longer just a doubter but was somewhat active as an apostate. I didn’t feel evil but my JW training told me what I was doing was evil. I guess I felt like I was like Anakin Skywalker joining the dark side. I think many newbies feel that same way.

  • MsMcDucket

    Could it be something I said?

  • Warlock

    There you go, Lost. I also remember feeling like I had joined the "dark side". Thanks for reminding me.


  • Thinkagain

    Will I don't know how others feel , but I am so busy reading

    so much , then I'll get a hair up my butt and reply.

    lol lol not much else to tell . Will everybody on here is wonderfull.

    Others must be reading bc I see new ones more and more.

  • crankytoe

    Well, I consider myself a newbie, and I agree that there's so much to read and think about, it just doesn't occur to me that I should post a reply.

    I've recently been making a conscious effort to post regularly.

    But notice I don't say much about myself as I'm concerned about being recognized,

  • Warlock


    But if that's your real picture, you're dead meat, anyway.


  • tremoka

    As soon as I found this forum-I had to join! I find that the issues addressed here are NEVER spoken of or aknowledged within bonds of friendship in the org.

    We all think them, but too on guard or insecure to admit it in the open. My first post was the 1st time I had verbalized those feelings outside my head!

    For these reasons I believe this forum is unique to others. Perhaps the high turnover newbie rate is becuase they're simply not ready for more yet!

    It's a gradual, slow, awakening process.

  • crankytoe

    Hi Warlock,

    Nope, that's not me in the picture,

  • lisavegas420

    When I first join this forum I had anxiety attacks. I would have to turn off the computer and walk away. But then what I read wouldn't leave my mind, so I had to come back and read more. Sometimes, I would get upset or sad, it was hard to explain the rollercoaster ride to my husband, but it helped to come and read others shared my experiences.


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