Why do the majority of "newbies" disappear ???

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Well, kid-a - In the first two pages of this thread I count at least 10 newbies with posts that number less than 100.

    I personally think they fit mostly three catagories;

    • Lurkers who have started to post tenatively. Perhaps some of these are overwhelmed and feel undereducated in the topics at hand.
    • Newbies with fear of being outed prematurely.
    • Those who have busier lives or who have moved on more quickly than others.

    I would love to see 1000 lurkers to every poster if that is what it takes to free them.

    Nice idea for a thread.


  • cyd0099

    "Cyd" is my second account here. I lost the password to my first go around and it seemed easier to start over. There may be similar things happening with the newbies. And it's sometimes hard to fit in a new place, even when it is a screen on a computer. And of course there is all the guilt that can arise from years of conditioning about visiting a site such as JWD. It takes a lot out of a person to finally speak out against the WTS.

  • mariposa

    I don't think they disappear...they are probably still around. I read stuff on here just about everyday but post rarely. The info on jwd has been invaluable to me as I'm sure it is to others but I'm not one to tell my story too quickly. I will eventually and from the tales, I'd love to make it to an apostafest!! It just takes time to feel comfortable and I'm sure I'm not the only one

  • Grammy

    I'm new to posting here but I have been coming here to read the posts for a couple of years, when I first came here I was in my bitter/angry stage, since then I have come to realize I still love some of the people I used to call brother/sister and now I just feel sad for them and I still miss a lot of them. I am in complete awe at the wealth of knowledge of some who post here and I spend a lot of time just sitting here reading and copying some of the information to save in a folder I have on my desktop for just that purpose. The watchtower has no hold on me any longer and I care not if they know I'm posting here that is my real picture and I would love to see someone from my old congregation here one day, I was in the same congregation for 26 plus years. Sandi aka Grammy

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I read here almost everyday, and post every once in a while. Feast or famine...

    Sometimes, you don't know who may personally attack your opinion and there is also a bit of an old "boys" network of close hard core friends that don't seem eager to let new people "in."

    Also, when you post how your feeling, need help, support...whatever....and it's basically ignored except for one or 2 people its extremely discouraging.

    Just my opinion. Sometimes this is a lonely place.


  • LovesDubs

    Look at the number of "times read" vs the number of posted replies. You can see theyre still out there. And...many of the ones reading arent even registered members I betcha. Cant have the POWERS THAT BEEEEEEE (echo echo echo) finding out somebody is reading POSTATE shyte. :)

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I agree, there is alot of reading that newbies do. I would say most of their time is spent reading the material on the site. I know mine was.

  • GoingGoingGone

    I also read here nearly every day, but I don't always post. Sometimes it's because I'm more paranoid than usual, and I'm afraid of someone finding out who I really am. But mostly it's because this whole process of exiting a cult while my spouse is still an active member and trying to avoid being DF'd, has left me mentally, emotionally, and physically burned out.

    I love coming here and getting a laugh, or reading someone's experiences or insights, or just being able to feel like I'm not alone. In real life, I've always been very talkative and social, and I miss being like that. But for the time being, I'll just have to live vicariously through other people's posts...


  • Nowman

    So, I went back and read some of the responses. Its interesting to see how all feel about this subject. This topic starts off as being very positive feeling, then as you get to the 2nd page, then there is talk about the number of posts, the lurkers, the paranoia, or the one I was skocked at...the ones who don't post because of maybe a lack of knowlegde (not exact words)??? Im by all means not offended, but some may feel offended, yet we are free to express our opinions regarding answering a topic question. I took the opportunity to post on this topic so that other newbies and regulars could get to know me more. If other newbies don't come back or post hardly at all, so be it, its their choice.


  • flag

    I read here almost every day but i was assigned such a difficult password that I feel lazy to log in.

    Is there a way to change it?

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