Why do the majority of "newbies" disappear ???

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  • kid-A

    "people seemed quite feisty and seemed to be arguing with some guy"

    LOL Crumpet, you would'nt be referring to a certain "shining" poster, would you? LOL

  • james_woods

    There was this one new poster ( her handle here was Aiesha Harley ) that I really miss. She was one of the first to post back public and PM to my first entries here, and I don't see anything from her since the end of Feb. this year.

    I suspect that there are several categories - ( of those who post a few and disappear )...

    * really well-adjusted people who just wanted to check us out, but that have gotten on with their lives...

    * nut-case trolls or actual JW kooks who come here to either vent the old spleen or count some of their "time"...

    * and, I hope very seldom, good posters who we drove off because we got on their case a little too hard.

    I sincerely hope that I did not have a hand in doing this last situation to someone yesterday on the blood issue.


  • daystar


    This is actually very typical of many popular online message boards or forums. I moderate one that has over 2000 members. There are only 20 or so that more or less regularly post and 10 or a dozen or so more than do so infrequently, but enough that they are recognized.

    If the owner would allow it, I would cleanse the forum with fire to reduce it to at least down to 500. The vast majority of the "members" sign up and maybe read heavily for a week or so and then just forget about it.

    In other words, there is nothing especially odd about this sort of thing.


  • LDH
    .(Plus, I'm afraid I'll become one of those people that kills threads-can't have that)

    LIG, it would have been priceless if the thread stopped after your post above.

    Anyone and everyone that's been here a while kills a few threads. It happens. It's not the Geneva Convention or anything, it's just a internet thread.

    Thank you for posting and Nowman, please post more, too!

  • kid-A

    "This is actually very typical of many popular online message boards or forums."

    Perhaps, Daystar, but it would depend on the boards theme. There are pretty heavy emotional undercurrents linked to the ex-JW community not too mention the constant fear of being "found out" about posting here. I imagine there arent too many ex-religious communities that would have such Orwellian style fears about posting on an "apostate" discussion board. I would argue JWD is an exceedingly "unique" forum for a variety of reasons.

  • SirNose586

    It happens on any board. 100 sign up, and 10 people post regularly.
    Besides, I think at this rate I won't be a newbie for very much longer. The reason why I shot up so fast is because I have nothing productive to do at the moment. I think that will change next week though...

  • Warlock

    I post here because I have a big mouth and I'm full of b.s................but seriously.

    I lurked for months, found out that many share similar experiences when I thought there was something wrong with me, and not the Org.

    The other issue, which may open up a can of worms, is, when I was lurking I felt a lot of hate in the posts that I was reading. Not every one, of course, but enough to keep me away, in addition to worrying I might get caught somehow.

    Even though things happened to me and my family in the Org., I don't hate anyone. Some here who have been VERY traumatized,(suicides caused by being in the Org., lost families, victims of molestation, etc.) I can see why they might hate, even though hating is not good for the hater.

    If some of those things had happened to me, I don't really know if I wouldn't feel the same way.

    Warlock (from newbie to oldie...............hopefully)

  • IvyWalker

    Hi Kid-A,

    I have not been posting a lot yet and I presume I will not post that much in future. In my case it is just because I have difficulties in expressing myself in English. I like reading your comments even though often i do not understand all and everything, esp. when you use slang or how do you say? words that are not in my dictionary. You know?

    I am regularly posting in the German equivalent of this forum. It is infolink-net.de; There I am going now to have about 500 postings.

    Now I want to tell why I am also here: I am always surprised that you ex JW in USA and around the world have exactly the same experiences and feelings like we in Germany. The JW-Organization is really the same on the whole world. They are doing the same stupid things everywhere. And I like to read postings about what happened in the Brooklyn Headquarters. Sure, we have Selters but we in Germany always think of Brooklyn as it where something special (the faithfuldiscreetslave ist only there). So I like the scandals and uncoverings which you can tell of.

    In the German forum often the newbies tell us, that they like to read our postings. But for some reason or other they are not involved in writing.

    Ivy Walker

  • daystar
    I would argue JWD is an exceedingly "unique" forum for a variety of reasons.

    Certainly, as would I, but not, IMO, for the one we're talking about here.

  • slimboyfat

    Cos apostates is mean!

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