What keeps you from killing yourself?

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  • tijkmo

    i had one of these days on sunday...no particular reason...just lay in bed thinking about hanging myself from the rafters and wondering how long till someone noticed..ended up crying myself to sleep which i havent done in a long time..thought i was all cried out

    so why didnt i....on this occasion - no rope...but if i had the rope then...

    I haven't found a way to go that would guarantee it would be over. I'm always afraid I'd screw up the suicide and be worse off than I am now

    this would always apply...in fact when i was at my worse a couple of years ago i thought of all the ways that i could kill myself that guaranteed that i would die but that would leave my kidneys in tact cos my sister is on dyalysis...overdose no use...might survive a car crash..wouldnt be picked out of the sea in time...the best way would be a bullet to the head but i live in scotland and we cant buys guns as easily here.

    i have picked up a bit since sunday...and i am aware that i am always a bit like this when im not at college cos i dont have anyone to integrate with....but i would also agree with this

    We haven't written a decent book yet
    well not so much the book thing...but i havent finished recording my album yet so might as well see how that goes first eh and this...
    well.....the irony to be more precise..thats the name of my band and this...
    you need to fall in love
    easier said than done...but im determined not to give up on it...doesnt help that i am aware of some who are in love with me but i dont feel the same way in return... but on those hemmingway days no reasoning works for me..just plain old wait for things to improve...which they almost always do to some extent and when they do im funny witty loving caring productive...and people like me just wish those odds days didnt happen
  • mouthy

    mouthy, you're a treasure! Thanks Gregor.....Ones mans rubbish( WT) is another mans treasure ( Gregors

  • Balsam

    Lots of ups and downs and the roller coaster ride isn't over yet!

    I don't want to miss the ride of life.

  • candidlynuts

    good question

    the main reason that it isnt a thought i ever entertain is if you/i kill ourselves, our kids have a big chance of doing the same thing. i think the stats i read was 50% of all suicide victims children attempt it themselves and i dont want my kids to see it as a solution to ANYTHING.

    dark days pass.. even if things dont get better, my outlook on things invariably improve.

  • wednesday
    had one of these days on sunday

    yes, as Kris krisoferson (sp) says"there's something about a Sunday that makes a body feel alone..." Sunday Morning Coming Down"

    some of the worst days of my life and my husbnads. have been on Sunday

  • Elsewhere
    What keeps you from killing yourself?

    The big plastic bubble that surrounds me along with the cork that is stuck over the points of my fork.

  • tijkmo
    yes, as Kris krisoferson (sp) says"there's something about a Sunday that makes a body feel alone...

    indeed he did say that

    but shaun mullins sang it better...hehe

  • BizzyBee

    Y'all are talking about this

    oh yeah life goes on Long after the thrill of livin is gone

    But what about when life isn't just boring - its painful?

    That's when folks go get the dryer vent and duct tape............

  • freedomlover

    let's see......

    - damn biology. something in us makes us want to continue life whether we want to or not.

    - irony. the whole big fat irony of that there is NO POINT! the irony is we seek a point and there is no point.

    - life is too much fun most of the time. I find extreme intense pleasure from very simple things. a song. a look from someone I love. a pleasant smell. sun coming through my windshield at just the right angle. a poetic blurb that moves me. the birds outside my kitchen window. reading shakespeare. having a great conversation with someone. although - I can swing just the opposite direction also and get in a funk that I can't seem to crawl out of.

    - I like funky derek's answer also. we'll be dead longer than we're alive so I may as well get my money's worth! lol!

    - in some sort of pathetic way I look forward to dying old in my bed with my family around me. I'm a sucker at times for those dramatic thoughts.

  • SixofNine

    Besides, has anyone priced caskets lately? Yikes, the sticker shock will just about kill you!

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