What keeps you from killing yourself?

by AlmostAtheist 92 Replies latest jw friends

  • alamb

    The best revenge is to live well. I jump into every minute heart and soul open for the pain or for the unspeakable joys. I refuse to numb myself to this gift. And when it gets too tender, I remember:

    Nolite the bastardes carborundorum (or something close)

    ******* If I die, they win. They ain't winnin' this one. **************

  • hallelujah

    We're going to die anyway so there's no need to do anything about it. It's lack of meaning that prompts people to commit suicide. I try to search for meaning in everything. That's what keeps me going


  • darkuncle29

    ? The belief that I'd be putting myself in a situation where I'd be less able to affect change and still have to deal with the problem.

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