What keeps you from killing yourself?

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    tall penguin

    "Do we derive some purpose from knowing that others are interested in us, and would miss us?"
    Thanks Dave for your thoughts. Yes, it is nice to know that others are interested in us and would miss us, but somehow, someway, people move on with their lives whether we're here or not. I've lost friends and family in death and while I miss them, the reality is that they're gone and I can't change that. So, as hard as it may be, I move on. Life goes on. In the grand scheme of things, does one life make that much of a difference? Aside from our DNA, what trace of us will be life in a few generations?
    "It seems logical to me that the thought that you are NOT significant, while living and acting as if you and those around you ARE significant, can tear you apart. A kind of cognitive dissonance."
    This is a very wise statement Bebu. It resonates with me very deeply.
    "Sooner or later, both living and dying imply coming to terms with doing it for no reason -- and there is no moral superiority in either choice imo."
    Wow Narkissos, very profound. I'm gonna chew on that one for awhile.
    I'm really enjoying this discussion. It's a subject I think about quite often--the futility of existence. I'm not really sure why I keep going. I guess I'm just too stubborn, or lazy.
    tall penguin

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    Food, beer, cigarettes, nerve pills, medicine, and my children. And not in that order.

  • MsMcDucket
    When your demons pop up and remind you that you aren't obligated to keep on living, how do you dismiss them?


    Dave, you need to fall in love! You'll be jumping up and down on the couch like Tom Cruise. You're just lonely.

  • GentlyFeral
    When your demons pop up and remind you that you aren't obligated to keep on living, how do you dismiss them?


    Short, flippant trenchant answer:

    I ain't obligated to go die, either.

    The tendency of things to slide down from the Olympian heights - well I don't call that "futility" (another word for "uselessness"). I call it "damn cussedness." I don't accept it as my birthright.

    If there's no particular purpose to my life, what's to stop me from making up my own? If there's no god to dedicate me to preaching some damfool creed all over the place, why can't I dedicate my life to the advancement of tie dye and weird hippie foodstuffs?

    • We have children that love us and depend on us.
    • We have friends that care about us and would miss us.
    • We haven't written a decent book yet.
    • We don't own a motorcycle yet.
    • There's so much life we haven't lived yet.
    All superb reasons, but mine are all a subset of the last one named. I don't have my house in Willits yet, haven't toured the conjure shops of New Orleans, finished messing with come to know the mind of Jesus, learned to make sauerkraut, mastered my vocation, or another language, or finished my first book. And I haven't collected all my soulmates yet.

    It didn't used to be this way. Only a few years ago all the goals I've named above seemed hopelessly out of reach. They aren't much closer - but I've begun proving to myself that I can get there from here. That's all.


  • mouthy

    Why on earth would I end it all for me !!! MOUTHY!!! I wouldnt be around to drive you all crazy!!!!
    Every morning I pick up my Pitch fork!!! Put on my Horns!!! & look to see who is posting on this site!!!! I am KNOWING some DEAR Brothers AT Bethel reads these posts.( Cos I was told by one when I picketed Brooklyn Bethel about 5 years ago) & Being the Chief Apostate of Waterloo I want those LOVING Brothers to know I am playing the part they assigned to me.... DEVILISH!!!!!
    But I have SO many, Apostate friends I WANT to live until MY TRUE GOD calls me" HOME"
    Where I wont be looking for a pet Elephant, donkey, monkey etc: as the Watchtower promised me. I will be looking forward to no pain. no tears ,no suffering as GOD promised me... Sorry Brooklyn Bethel you lost one hell of a good saleswomen when you gave me the left foot of fellowship

  • MsMcDucket

    Dave what are you missing? What do you want? (within reason) There is something that you want, but you're not letting yourself have it. This usually causes a lot of psychic distress. Go get it! Fill the void.

  • Gregor

    Quandry, wow. The elturds that DF'd your daughter are probably suicidal themselves but they'd never admit it. Imagine the deep disapointments they are experiencing as the WTS (who basically own their asses) keeps playing peek-a-boo with them about the END. They are like dogs infected with rabies that want to bite somebody. They're some pretty miserable SOBs to treat a young woman like that, regardless of what she did.

    Please remember that the WTS has deeply hurt a lot of the very people who post on this board. I know you will continue to encourage your daughter. But, I have to say, considering the topic above, please, please, don't you dare let the goddamned Watchtower System rob you of the joy and gift of life.

    Be strong


  • Gregor

    mouthy, you're a treasure!

  • WildHorses

    The idea of pain for one. If I knew I could die without suffering I most likely would have been gone a long time ago.

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